February 2013 Board Meeting

February 2013 Board Meeting

February 12, 2013 at 7pm
Directors Present: Angela, Harley, Rebecca, Kaci, Katy, Cindy

Educators Material Drive

Our materials drive is in full swing! Harley and Kaci will be collecting items from individuals and businesses on Friday. There are four days to drop off materials at Harley’s house. Volunteers will be around on Sunday to help weigh and organize materials. Next week will be a big push to get teachers to come out.

The drive is still scheduled for February 24th.

Amplify Austin is just around the corner

We’ll be fundraising for Amplify Austin on March 4 from 7pm to March 5th at 7pm. Our goal is to have 500 individuals donate to Austin Creative Reuse in any amount. We will also hold an event of some sort to generate excitement. Rebecca to contact Mozart’s folks as a possible location.

Please save the date to donate on our Amplify Austin page.

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