Educators Material Drive: Used CDs and CD Cases

Educators Material Drive: Used CDs and CD Cases

cd_casesOkay, admit it. You still have stacks of CDs prompting you to start using AOL and you’ve finally upgraded your Barry Manilow collection to your MP3 player. You don’t use CDs anymore. But what to do with them??

It’s not too late to start clearing them out of your closets for our Educators Material Drive on February 24th! We’re specifically looking for USED items, if possible, and CDs and CD cases are on the list!

We have drop off times February 14-17 from 8am-8pm at 4416 Lareina Dr, Austin, TX.


  • Stephany | May 2,2013

    are you still taking used cd cases? where and what times can i drop some off?

    • Kaci Hampton | Jun 4,2013

      Unfortunately, not at this time. You might try Freecycling use CD cases or giving them away on Craigslist in the Free section.

      Thanks for the thinking of us, Stephany!

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