How to Create Reused Crayon Paintings

How to Create Reused Crayon Paintings

Ever wonder what to do with those stubby, too short crayons with all of the color spots from other colored crayons as they roll around in the box? WHow to create Reused Crayon Paintingsell, you can Recycle them into Art!

In the same way that Artists like Vincent Van Gogh painted with heavy “chunks” of color. You can too with crayon remnants! By removing the paper on the crayon (If there is any still left!) and using a scrap or sand paper, color/shade on the sides to remove color spots from other crayon colors.

You are left with an array of beautiful colors with which to build a “Crayon Painting” with. What a great way to explain mosaics, the color wheel or to show how Artists mix and use color while using those old remnants of crayon you were about to get rid of! You can see the full photo tutorial to the right.

Van Gogh’s ” Starry Night” Painting replicated by Reused Crayons! ( reference website )


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