Reusing Circuits and Old Computer Components

Reusing Circuits and Old Computer Components

As technology advances, and new electronics/computers arise, we are left to wonder, what else can these very specific parts be used for? Things like the circuits behind cell phones, and keyboards, or even an old mouse. Circuit components like relays and resistors (the colorful electronic stuff that comes up off the green surface) can be cut off and reused as well.

Here some people have found very creative and interesting ways to reuse these materials! But before you go delving into a circuit board, just a word to the wise: Please wear gloves (for lead purposes) and you may want to invest in a pair of electrical needle nosed wire cutters (home improvement store) for cutting off components from a circuit board that will be flush (cut right down to the green surface without leaving sharp points). Other than that, let’s have a ball!



Component Bugs

make small bugs out of circuit relays/ resistors/ etc!


or how about a wallet made from a keyboard circuit!

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