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Ready to share your latest reuse creation or get some inspiration from others?

Are you proud of a craft that you have made recently? We’d love to see what you have created. Send us your photos and let us know if we can add to one of our blog posts. Instagram users tag photo(s) with #reuseATX.

Here are a few examples of items that our board member, Jan Bland, has created this past year.
1. A fleece scarf turned into an ipad holder
ipad holder
2. children’s book pages modge podged onto a frame
picture frame from book pages
3. flowers made from maps
flowers from maps
5. earring holder from a picture frame
earring holder

Guitar String Crafts

If you play guitar frequently and happen to chew through strings as quickly as I do, you’ve probably found yourself wondering what to do with all of your used strings besides simply throwing them away—there’s got to be something to do with them, right? Right. Let’s run through a few alternative uses once they’ve run their course as melody makers.

Lately, I’ve found myself experimenting with making a sort of hair-plug monstrosity that seems to be coming together nicely. It’s a bit pretty, a bit bewildering, and a lot like Angelica’s doll Cynthia on Rugrats (if you’re a cartoon aficionado and catch the reference). This is certainly a long-haul project, and is the accumulation of roughly two years worth of used acoustic and electric guitar and bass strings!


If you don’t have the care or patience to wait years to put together something spiffy with your leftover strings, consider the following:

1) Use your leftover strings for arts and crafts, however your imagination permits! Be careful with the ends, which, if you frequently change your own strings, you probably know are very sharp! You can alter string length by clipping them down with wire cutters. You may then bend them, glue them, tie them, braid them, string beads on them, and so on. Be creative!

2) Hang pictures with your leftover strings. Just exactly how you hang the pictures using guitar strings is up to you as there exists numerous ways to do so, also dependent upon what you are hanging. A lighter gauge string (slimmer in diameter) is more pliable—while still having a high tensile strength—and therefore a fine candidate; on your guitar, in standard tuning, this is the high E string.

3) Cutting clay, like one would slice cheese with wire. (I would not recommend using filthy strings to slice your food unless you have sterilized the used string and are sure it is safe to cut edibles such as cheese or cakes.)

4) Make bracelets, necklaces, or some kind of creative jewelry. Keep safety in mind when making jewelry so that you know you are wearing or gifting something safe!

October Board Meeting

October 8, 2013 at 7pm
Directors Present: Harley, Rebecca, Katy, Cindy, Leslie, Kaci, Angela
Visitors: Rachel, Alice, Jonathan, Christine, Carole, Jan

Educators Material Drive
Our 2nd Educators Material Drive is this Sunday, October 13th from 9-2pm and we could still use some volunteers. Please sign up for a shift this weekend and tell any educators you know about the event!

Official Austin Reuse Day and Austin Reuse Week
We’re pleased to announce that Austin will be proclaiming October 20th as Austin Reuse Day to kick off Austin Reuse Week! Rebecca will be making a statement about this proclamation at City Hall.

We’ll be at East Austin Studio Tour!
We’re super excited to be a part of EAST again this year! Look for more information about our event and booth in the coming weeks.





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