Bubble Mailers Needed

Bubble Mailers Needed

bubblemailerPlease donate your used bubble mailers to Austin Creative Reuse this holiday season!

Some guidelines:

  • Ensure your mailer is complete. It can be open/used, but we need both sides.
  • Save up a pile or hold a bubble mailer drive at your work (you’d be surprised how many get delivered to offices!)
  • Email us at info (at) austincreativereuse (dot) com with questions or to schedule a donation.
  • Or make a delivery to¬†6942 Ryan Dr, Austin, TX 78757 (there’s a blue bin in the driveway with ACR on the side)

And hey, thanks for reusing!


  • Nicole | Nov 23,2013

    Great! I have been saving mine for a while, so will drop some off in the next few days. How big is your blue bin? Just since the weather is not so nice.

    • Kaci Hampton | Nov 24,2013

      It’s pretty big, so you shouldn’t have any trouble if you’re bringing a bag or two. Let me know if there will be more than that and I’ll make sure there’s plenty of space.

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