What Can I Do with Bed Sheets?

What Can I Do with Bed Sheets?

Growing up there was a closet in my house that produced an avalanche of bed sheets whenever somebody opened it. That being said, bed sheets are bulky and take up a lot of space when not in use. If you have a similar problem and are wondering what you can do with your old bed sheets, here are some options.

bed sheets

Blankets and comforters and duvets, oh my! Photo Credit: Toni Red

Donating is a great way to get rid of your bed sheets. By donating to your local charity or thrift store, you will provide others in need with warmth at night. Regrettably, Austin Creative Reuse does not accept bed sheets, but there are other places where you can donate. For instance, Safe Place, an organization that provides safety for those affected by sexual and domestic violence, accepts full and queen sized bed sheets. Organizations dedicated to animal welfare such as Austin! Pets Alive accepts baby blankets for their kitten nursery and the Austin Humane Society accepts blankets without stuffing.

Here is a list of organizations in Austin that will gladly accept gently used blankets:

Donating Pro-Tips:

  • Check for wears and tears
  • Laundry beforehand
  • If they come in a set, put them together

Remember that reuse is also an option. There are a plethora of ways to turn bed sheets into something else. For something simple, you can tear them up and make cleaning rags. They also provide great protection for plants during the winter. You can even turn them into a hammock or a tent! For the creative types, bed sheets can be converted into aprons or skirts. Those are just a few examples, so if you have extra bed sheets lying around, be creative and put them in good use!





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