December Volunteer Spotlight: Vernon Berger

December Volunteer Spotlight: Vernon Berger

Vernon Berger

What motivates you to volunteer?   

There are many  reasons  why I volunteer. While growing up, we did not have many disposable items. If something broke we would try to fix it because it was the only one we had and we didn’t want to spend more money unless it was necessary. Another reason is there are a lot of people that can use the extra items of excess.


Why ACR?  

My background is in the art/creative fields. While developing as an art person, the simple supplies cost a lot if you don’t have much money. You take care of your tools. ACR is a great spot for me to help like minded people achieve their ideas. I get great pleasure from helping ideas develop if it’s materially or mentally.


How long have you volunteered with ACR?  

In my searches for creative ideas and objects, I encountered ACR and their mission. This was before I knew it as Austin Creative Reuse. Since I am always searching, I found things that they could use. I got great satisfaction from finding a spot for the found objects.


Are you more into the arts aspect of ACR or the conservation aspect and why?

I am into both aspects. I think everyone needs the arts for therapy. And, we all need now more than ever to conserve, reuse, and recycle.

Where else have you/do you volunteer?  

I have helped at Next to New and Green Gate Farms. Now my interests are with the many programs of the city of Austin. They have some great developments going on in the recycling areas and Fix It programs.


What do you enjoy the most out of volunteering for ACR?

I like arts involvement and helping people find their inspiration.


Do you have any interesting or funny stories about something that happened while you were volunteering at ACR?

There are many fun moments. Every time someone discovers a new perspective, that’s exciting!


Thanks for all you do Vernon!

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