Amplify Austin Day 2019

Amplify Austin Day 2019


Here’s your chance to get involved with your community AND GIVE BACK to your fav little craft store in Texas!

Thanks to our abundance of supporters like you, Austin Creative Reuse had an incredible year!
As our center operations and programming grows, our needs grow proportionally.
Amplify Austin Day is February 28th – March 1st at 6pm. Help s reach our goal of $2,500

Your gift this year for #amplifyatx can help us support the expansion of our open hours of operation by supporting staff and center operations. Your dollars can help us to provide a wide variety of on-site educational programming like our ????artist workshops.

Your donation will help our center to continue to provide materials that are affordable and accessible to our local educators, artists, and Austin community.
Though our wish list is great, we like to think of it as a long term investment for both the Austin community and the environment!

Donate, Share, and Volunteer!

Thanks Austin!


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