How to Love your Reuse Center

How to Love your Reuse Center


Hey Friends! We want to send out a reminder: There’s a lot of time and work that goes into receiving and processing donations. Every little bit helps, here’s a list of things we’d like to remind y’all about

Making a Donation

  • Organize your donations and please bring them in a container you do not need back.
  • We love fabric donations, we don’t love partial clothing donations
  • No bedding or curtains.
  • No takeout containers, food containers, including those from meal subscription services.
  • Please make an appointment for large donations.

Shopping in the Center

  • When shopping, put items back in the bin you found them in
  • Want to open a package or unroll fabric? Ask for assistance!
  • Put bins back after looking through them
  • Keep bucket items and individual priced items separate
  • Spreading out bins on the floor prevents other customers from reaching items around you.
  • We are happy to hold items behind the register while you shop.

We accept drop-off donations during the center open hours.

Please be patient with us as we work to make ACR the best it can be!

Thank you!

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What We Accept- Itemized List                        Business Donations
What We Cannot Accept                               Material Drive
Other Donation Resources



  • Stella Torrez | Aug 18,2019

    You have a gold mine store. You and your staff are excellent in what y’all do.

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