We’re moving to a bigger and better center!! March 4th, 2020

We’re moving to a bigger and better center!! March 4th, 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve found our new home at 2005 Wheless Lane, and will move March 4th, 2020!

Please see our press release below for more details. If you’re interested in helping us move, sign up here


Austin Creative Reuse Will Move to Larger Location March 4th, 2020
  • Austin Creative Reuse, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit, is Austin’s most unique destination for conservation, creativity and community building
  • The new Austin Creative Reuse Center will be over four times larger than its current retail space.

Austin, TX – On March 4, 2020, Austin Creative Reuse (ACR) will open the doors on a new, significantly larger space located at 2005 Wheless Lane, just north of the Mueller development. Fans of the popular reuse organization are thrilled to see it grow into more space for donations, shopping, volunteering, community activities, and educational programming.

ACR is a thriving nonprofit organization with a strong conservation mission, focusing on fostering reuse through creativity, education and community building. Hundreds of volunteers contribute thousands of hours to advance that mission every year.   

“Since opening our doors in September of 2015, Austin has embraced creative reuse in every way,” says Board President Carole LeClair. “We were bursting at the seams in our original location and can now offer a much better space to grow our reuse community.  We couldn’t be more excited for this move, and hope it brings creative reuse to a far larger audience across all of Central Texas.” 

“This move would not be possible without the dedicated volunteers, board, and staff who give generously of their time to make the vision of ACR a reality – and the hundreds of people who visit us every day to shop and donate,” adds Interim Executive Director Cory Skuldt. We can’t wait to offer them expanded programming, a better volunteer experience, and another big step towards Austin’s zero-waste goal.”

About Austin Creative Reuse: 

ACR is a successful model of a creative reuse center, diverting more than 280 tons of materials since it was established in 2009. The Center collects, sorts, and sells donated creative materials  at very low prices. The center also hosts workshops and meet-ups for teachers, artists, conservationists, volunteers, kids of all ages, and anyone interested in creative reuse. To learn more about ACR, visit: https://www.austincreativereuse.org/



  • Jean Smith | Jan 15,2020

    This is a bummer. I heard at one point you were moving to Anderson Lane .

    • Kat Moulton | Jan 16,2020

      We looked at several locations, including one on Anderson Lane, but the one on Wheless was ultimately the best fit. We are very excited to spread out at the new space and hope you will come visit us there!

  • Amanda | Jan 15,2020

    So excited for y’all and your new space!

  • Cindy Stewart | Jan 15,2020

    I’m so excited for y’all! I travel from San Antonio to stock up on art supplies to use with grandkids.

    • Amanda R | Jan 22,2020

      Great location! Easy to get to from 290 East, IH35, or 51st Street. Walking distance to Little Deli and Hank’s and the library, good parking, close to several bus routes, walking distance to 3 elementary and one high school – great resource for nearby teachers.

  • Mandi | Jan 17,2020

    Will there be plenty of parking? I have stuff to donate and it’s an hour for me to drive in, more now that you’re moving. If there’s not parking I won’t be able to do it

    • Kat Moulton | Jan 17,2020

      Thank you for coming all that way to visit us! Our new center is a short 8 minute drive from our current location, so hopefully it doesn’t add too much onto your drive time. Not only will we have a much better parking situation, we will have receiving doors specifically for donations! No more dragging donation carts through the center!

  • Wendy Riley | Jan 19,2020

    This is wonderful news! Congrats. I’m glad to hear that you are growing as a nonprofit business and able to find bigger space. It will be great to check it out in March!

  • Ben | Jan 19,2020

    Welcome to Windsor Park!!!!!

  • Teresa | Jan 20,2020

    So excited you are moving to 2005 Wheless Lane! The added space will be great. You are doing such great things for our community! Congratulations on adding space!

  • Rebeca Rubio | Jan 21,2020

    So glad you choose the bigger space with plenty of parking. Congratulations on your growth.

  • Edith Bunker | Jan 21,2020

    Will this attract people who just want to dump their unusable junk like the thrift store on Cameron road across from the Church’s chicken? What’s the plan for that.? Just looking ahead.

    • Kat Moulton | Jan 23,2020

      We’re really excited about our move and we’re looking forward to being a part of the Windsor Park neighborhood! It’s always been our policy to not leave donations outside our building, we ask that people bring them in during open business hours. This hasn’t been an issue at our current location and we don’t anticipate it being an issue at the new space.

  • 2005 Wheless Lane, Austin, TX 78723
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