Welcome back to Austin, Rebecca!

Welcome back to Austin, Rebecca!

Rebecca Stuch and Amber Scardino

First sale at our creative reuse center in September 2015

Cory Skult (left) and Rebecca Stuch

Cory Skuldt welcomes Rebecca back to ACR, January 2020











Austin Creative Reuse is excited to welcome Rebecca Stuch, our founder, back to Austin.  It was with Rebecca’s steady hand and complete dedication that we finally were able to open Austin’s first Creative Reuse center way back in September of 2015.  We grew a lot that first year with much of the credit due to Rebecca’s relentless promotion of ACR and the help of the solid business practices put in place by Rebecca.

Rebecca joined the Peace Corps a few years ago and  spent  two years in Moldova working on Community and Organizational Development, as well as traveling throughout Europe and Asia.  She’s back in Austin for a few months reconnecting with old friends and what had been her baby, Austin Creative Reuse.  It seems we are all experiencing big changes with ACR’s move to a larger location and anticipated growth.  With that, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to leverage Rebecca’s experience with  business development as well as her understanding of our mission to bring her onto our staff as our Transition Manager.  This is a temporary position created to help us with the move to a new location and the departure of our Interim Executive Director, Cory Skuldt.   Rebecca will help guide our organization’s growth as we add more staff, programming and services.  Rebecca will also be spearheading our search for a permanent Executive Director.  We couldn’t be more excited to have Rebecca onboard.  Look for her around the center and be sure to say “hi and welcome back!”.

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