Customer Spotlight: Andrea “Andy” Alfaro

Customer Spotlight: Andrea “Andy” Alfaro

Andrea “Andy” Alfaro @wholeconcept


How did you find out about ACR?

When you guys were smaller, I think through my roommate at the time who is also an artist. I shopped with you guys off and on, but when you guys opened this location, you became way more accessible for me, so I’ve been here 3 times in the last two weeks.


Why do you shop at ACR?

It’s sustainable, it’s variety, it’s affordable, and it’s interesting and inspiring. I’ll see something and think oh I can do this, rather than just have a baseline. You know, what can I do next?


What do you use the items you purchase for?

Today I’m buying frames because I have an art show on Saturday and I’m framing my art. I got some stuff for making masks in the materials section, some paper for collaging and drawing and I really like the vintage section – I’ve gotten some great gifts there.


What’s the craziest or most unique item that you’ve found at ACR?

A vintage little glass box with these delicate crumbling flowers with a little bird’s nest where I put a baby bird skull that I found.


What’s your favorite part about shopping at ACR?

It feels explorative, and I like the no-waste component. I don’t have to buy a whole bunch of materials at once because there’s this space that has an ongoing supply of items.



See more about Andy’s upcoming art show at

Anthropomorphic: Andrea Alfaro + Chris Martino

September 19th to October 3rd, 2020

Select a private viewing appointment on either September 19th or October 3rd. Each 30-minute appointment slot can accommodate up to 6 people who will be viewing the exhibit from 2 different windows outside of the gallery, providing ample space to each other and wearing masks to respect everyone’s safety. If you would like to set up a different viewing time, contact


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