Send Gratitude Postcards

Send Gratitude Postcards

Spread gratitude to your family and friends with a custom postcard made from reused materials.

Step 1 – Grab an empty cereal box, Manila folder, or any other sturdy paper product


Step 2 – Cut out a rectangle roughly 4x6inches


Step 3 – Use paper scraps, old photos, or ribbon to cover one side of the card (nothing too heavy though or it will require extra postage!)


Step 4 – Embellish with stickers, buttons, or whatever you’d like. Make it totally unique!


Tada! Almost there!


Step 5 – Use a dark marker or pen to make the address lines and stamp box on the back of the postcard. Finish with a heartfelt note about what you’re thankful for, and send off to your loved ones.

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