December Reuse and Rethink Contest: Reuse Gift Wrapping

December Reuse and Rethink Contest: Reuse Gift Wrapping

As we rapidly approach the holiday season, lots of us are scrambling to make (or buy) that perfect gift for our loved ones. At ACR, we think the wrapping is just as important as what’s inside! Did you know that each year in United States, we spend over over $7 billion dollars on wrapping paper!?* Most wrapping papers are not recyclable and much of it ends up in the landfill. If each family chose reuse for just 3 gifts each year, the wrapping paper saved would be enough to cover 45,000 football fields!^

This month, we challenge you to think beyond traditional wrapping supplies. What can you use that you already have?

Submission Criteria:

  • Materials must be reused
  • The submissions will be judged on three qualities: creativity, workmanship, & use of reused materials
  • Submissions must be made on or before the deadline

Provide at least 2 photos of your piece, your contact info, a short description of materials used, and any social media handles you’d like us to tag if selected as the winner to

Deadline to submit is Thursday, December 31st.


Here are a few examples to get you inspired! We also have a Pinterest board full of more examples!

Starting “wrapping paper” materials


Embellishment leftovers from other projects


Book Jacket


Awkward family photos calendar pages


Map with bias tape ribbon


Watercolor paintings with piping trim






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