February Reuse and Rethink: Packaging “Waste”

February Reuse and Rethink: Packaging “Waste”

February Reuse & Rethink Challenge: Packaging Waste


Most of us have been spending more time at home these days, and avoiding crowded stores by ordering everything we need online. The down side to the convenience of online shopping is all the packaging waste it generates. How can you reimagine packaging into something completely new?


A previous Reuse & Rethink contestant found a great way to reuse her packaging waste – by creating an award-winning Halloween costume! Angie S. turned herself into a fierce Amazon warrior with heaps of Amazon packaging!

Angie as an Amazon Warrior

Amazon provides proper recycling methods for their packaging, which you can find on their website. However, are there other ways you can think of recycling Amazon packaging, like Angie?


What about those freezer ice packs from your food subscription services? Or all of the plastic bags used to carry out food from your favorite restaurants? While we are staying safe by staying home, let’s think about how we can turn the problem of packaging waste into something good!


A Japanese Artist, Harukiru, turns packaging waste into intricate, playful sculptures. We’re not expecting submissions quite on that level, but it’s a wonderful example of turning packaging waste into fine art!



When you’ve completed your creation, please provide at least 2 photos of your art piece, your contact info, including any social media handles you would like us to tag if selected as the winner, and a short description of materials used. Your submission can be made by sending an email to rethink@austincreativereuse.org


Your creation should be made from reused materials  — all materials will be available at a low cost (as always) at Austin Creative Reuse. See our online store or schedule a personal shopper appointment today to find all the secondhand supplies you need.


One winner will be notified and receive a $10 E-Gift Card to ACR. They will also be announced on our social media, along with photos of their creation displayed on our blog!


Deadline for Submission: Sunday, February 28th, 2021


Please feel free to email rethink@austincreativereuse.org with any questions. Good luck!

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