We’ve Been Keeping Busy!

We’ve Been Keeping Busy!

Throughout this second closure, the team at Austin Creative Reuse has been working hard to improve the center and optimize how we use our limited space. We’re seizing every moment of having an empty center since changes that would have been impossible to tackle while open to the public, are suddenly doable. The next time you visit, you’ll be able to explore a new layout and unearth previously hidden treasures! 

The recently organized (and moved!) Floral and Glassware sections

So far, we’ve revamped several of our favorite sections, with our biggest project thus far being Fine Arts. This move took several days to accomplish and the results are stunning. Gone is the jumble of canvases, artist tools and paintbrushes! We have carefully curated this section to house several smaller categories like Drawing, Sculpture and Paint. We’ve been spreading love and attention throughout our entire center, with Craft and Floral also getting makeovers and many more changes just on the horizon. Never before has it been easier to find exactly what you are looking for, while also discovering things you’ve never seen before. 


Part of the new Fine Arts section


The new Drawing section


We’re so excited to see what else we can achieve before welcoming you all back into the center! Here are a few more sneak peeks!



  • Stella Torrez | Feb 11,2021

    Y’all have been busy. Very impressed with the new organization. Keep up all the good work. Can’t wait to visit y’all soon.

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