Sustainability Spotlight: TreeFolks

Sustainability Spotlight: TreeFolks


In the aftermath of the freeze that affected the entire state of Texas earlier this year, many of our trees and plant life struggled or failed to survive. There is one organization in Austin that is helping us grow back – TreeFolks. TreeFolks is a local nonprofit that was founded in 1989. Since then, they have planted thousands of trees throughout the Central Texas area. We reached out to learn more about their organization and their mission. Read more below about our conversation with TreeFolks Communications & Marketing Manager, Victoria Bloom.


What is the mission of your organization?

TreeFolks’ mission is to empower Central Texans to build stronger communities through planting and caring for trees.


What environmental issues does your organization address?

Trees are beneficial in many ways! We tackle a few different environmental issues including reforesting floodplains to build a diverse canopy that filters air and water while also slowing erosion and creating wildlife habitat. We provide free trees to Austin residents in order to equitably build the tree canopy while combatting the urban heat island effect and providing shade to Austin’s neighborhoods. We are also engaging the community to help us plant 1 million more trees in Austin to combat climate change and renew the canopy through our Keep Austin Rooted initiative.


What eco-friendly initiatives does your organization uphold?

We uphold the vision of a thriving tree canopy in Central Texas. TreeFolks focuses on planting and providing only native or native adapted trees that will help the ecosystem thrive. Additionally, we hope to engage the communities of Central Texas in effective climate action through planting trees and learning about trees.


How do you hope to make an impact on the Austin community or the world at large?

We hope to educate the community on the importance of the urban forest and tree care while providing the benefits of trees to every Central Texan.


Where can we find out more about your organization?

Follow us on social media @treefolks or visit our website


If trees around your home or neighborhood have been affected by the recent freeze, visit to see if you qualify for one of their community programs. You can also read this article to learn more about your damaged trees. Support TreeFolks by purchasing the official Keep Austin Rooted Roast coffee from Mozarts – from April 15th until April 21st, Mozarts will donate $7 to TreeFolks for every bag sold!


Happy Earth Day!

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