Corporate Responsibility with Austin Creative Reuse

Corporate Responsibility with Austin Creative Reuse


Does your office have a green team?  Are you committed to sustainability or want to build conservation into your employee culture?  Austin Creative Reuse is here to help!  There are many ways that ACR and local Austin businesses can work together.  

The first step is making sure your employees are aware of Austin Creative Reuse and other organizations that they can divert materials to.  Not only are we a resource for gently loved, affordable supplies but we also accept donations of most art and craft supplies to stock our Creative Reuse Center. We would love to help you facilitate a material drive at your office or facility.  The materials collected could be supplies you no longer need around the office, materials your employees bring from home, or a combination of both!  We can also assist with the diversion of materials from operations or manufacturing.  We can help to build awareness of materials available for local artists or other manufacturers and can help to facilitate connections for other resources.

Volunteering with ACR is also a great way to give back to the community and make a difference for the environment.  Diverting an average of 20K lbs of materials a month doesn’t happen easily.  We need many hands to get those materials processed, the bulk of which are volunteers.  We send out a monthly volunteer newsletter that includes information about ACR volunteer opportunities, special projects and events.  We also work with businesses to create special volunteer and team building opportunities. This could include a craft workshop or a special meet up at your location along with a service project.  These are offered on a sliding fee scale and available to any group size!

ACR is available to present at company meetings, during lunch and learns or at other corporate sustainability events.  Our info is also available to be published in company updates and internal newsletters or other employee resources. 

Sponsorships and financial support are another way to get involved with ACR.  We provide many educational opportunities for both children and adults.  Direct support for a specific program allows us to keep creativity accessible by removing financial barriers for participants!

If any of the above appeal to you, contact us to let us know how you’d like to get your business involved!


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