Turn Anything Into a Lamp!

Turn Anything Into a Lamp!

In this easy tutorial, find out how ACR Board President Carole LeClair turns old household materials into unique lights for her home!



All supplies are found at ACR!
From our Container Section:
  • 1 Vintage Maxwell House tin – 25 cents 
  • From Architecture Section:
  • 1 decorative globe – $1
  • 1 switched light bulb cord – $1
  • 1 candelabra style LED bulb – 25 cents
From Craft:
  • 1 spool narrow duct tape – 25 cents
From my tool box:
  • tin snips




Use the tin snips to cut a small slot on the back side of the tin.  This will serve as the slot for the light bulb cord to go through.  Secure the light bulb socket using duct tape.  This was the fidgety part as it took a couple of tries to find a system that worked.  Add the bulb and then the globe. 

Let there be light!  I use this cutie on my back porch to add a bit of late evening mood lighting.



Here are a few more of Carole’s light creations. Thanks for always shedding light on the possibilities of reuse!



  • STELLA Torrez | May 21,2021

    So cool. I wished I kept my mum’s old mixer.

  • Robbi | May 29,2021

    Wow so cool

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