May Reuse & Rethink Winners: Isaac W & Brandy S!

May Reuse & Rethink Winners: Isaac W & Brandy S!

This month, we challenged you to create beautiful flowers from trash and unconventional materials. We received so many incredible submissions we chose to have both a kid’s and adult winner!

The winner of our kid’s category is Isaac W! Isaac took the trash theme to heart and made a flower using common household trash like straws, pie tins, and bubble wrap. The judges appreciated Isaac’s use of materials and the creativity he showed in putting them together.



The winner of our adult category is Brandy S! Brandy’s tin can lid flowers are a great use of a material that is often discarded. The judges also appreciated the craftsmanship of the flowers – they look amazing and add a perfect pop of color to any outdoor space!



Thanks to everyone who participated,  your creativity never ceases to amaze us! Plus, your flowers helped to brighten up the rainy month!
Here are some of the other submissions:






  • Nellai Vasi | Jun 3,2021

    I loved the creativity in this article! I love how Isaac used things we would normally think of as trash to make a beautiful flower. The judges were also very impressed with his materials and creativity, which is why he was declared the winner.

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