We’re Hiring!!

We’re Hiring!!

Reuse Specialist Job Description

Shift Lead Job Description


  • Lupita Gomez | Nov 6,2020

    I love to repurpose things. And would love to do it as a job! What are the hours?

  • Teri Naiser | Nov 11,2020

    Do you also work with volunteers? Not sure I can commit to actual job hours but just learned of this place and would love to know more and help!

    • Kat Moulton | Nov 12,2020

      Yes! Volunteers contribute nearly half of our labor hours! Please visit our volunteer page to get started.

  • E Martin | Mar 22,2021

    What about benefits?

    • Kat Moulton | Mar 24,2021

      At this time, we offer paid time off to all of our staff, including part-time. We hope to expand our benefits offerings soon!

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    Tel: (512) 375-3041