Volunteer Spotlight: Crawford & Jordan

Volunteer Spotlight: Crawford & Jordan


Each month, we feature one of the many volunteers that help to make the magic of Austin Creative Reuse possible. This month, it’s core volunteer Crawford Humble and his coach, Jordan! Crawford was introduced to ACR from a coworker because of his love for arts and crafts. He began taking projects home to sort before coming in for regular volunteer shifts in the center. When asked why he volunteers at ACR, Crawford responded, “I like to work here!”


Some of Crawford’s favorite activities are counting and sorting, so we make sure there’s lots of paper, markers, pens, and pencils for him to sort when he comes in. A native Texan, Crawford always gets excited when he finds Texas themed scrapbook paper! 


Volunteering at ACR has given Crawford a sense of purpose as well as kept him busy during the pandemic. He loves the sense of community fostered by Austin Creative Reuse and takes joy in saying “hello” and “goodbye” to everyone when he comes in to volunteer. To date, Crawford has volunteered over 100 hours at ACR!


In his free time, Crawford likes to work on art projects like painting, making hats for cats, and making pillows to donate to children’s hospitals. When asked what kind of writing he likes to do, he responded, “love letters.” His favorite color (of the day) is black & white, and his favorite animal (of the day) is a Zebra!


We are so happy to have Crawford and Jordan as a part of the ACR family. Thank y’all for everything you do!

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