2020 Volunteer Metrics Wrap Up

2020 Volunteer Metrics Wrap Up

Ever wonder how we manage to keep our prices so low? Now you know! Volunteers are integral to our operations, contributing nearly HALF of our total labor hours in any given year. This enables us to measure every piece of fabric, package every last pom pom, and keep the chaos organized!


Volunteers contributed 9,631 hours in FY2020, which translates into a monetary value of over $260,000. Imagine if we had to add that amount to our payroll!


Volunteering isn’t just for individuals, we love hosting groups too! It’s always more fun to volunteer with your friends, family, and coworkers, which is why we offer volunteer opportunities of all kinds! Help us keep creativity affordable in Austin! Sign up to volunteer at one of our community days or apply to be a core volunteer here.


Here’s a snapshot of what volunteers contributed during our latest fiscal year:


  • Gave nearly 10,000 hours of their time (that’s 47% of the labor hours for the year!)
  • All those hours have a value of $260k
  • Another way to look at this is:
    • Our total revenue for the year was $437k
    • Our total staff payroll for the year was $266k
    • Volunteer labor would have taken up 59.5% of our revenue if we had to pay out that time!
  • We hosted 53 volunteer groups
  • Volunteers helped to move our center in just two days! We closed normally on a Sunday, moved Monday and Tuesday, and reopened on Wednesday!



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