Día de los Muertos Makeup Tutorial Using Embellishments

Día de los Muertos Makeup Tutorial Using Embellishments


Create a unique Día de los Muertos half-face look using embellishments found at ACR! Wow yourself with your own creativity and honor those who have passed this upcoming Day of the Dead by following the simple steps in this tutorial.




  • Black liquid eyeliner (or water activated liner)
  • Eyelash glue
  • Your choice of embellishments from ACR
  • Assorted small brushes 
  • Eyeshadow palette 
  • Concealer 





1. Start with a clean and dry face.



2. Apply concealer around your eye following your natural eyes socket shape and covering your eyebrow.



3. Apply black or any preferred eyeshadow color on top of the area where concealer was applies.



4. Using the black eyeliner out line the shape and draw petal-like half circles around it.



5. With a small brush, use different eyeshadow colors to fill in the petal shapes.



6. Add an upside down half heart shape to the tip of your nose. Follow by creating teeth lines. Add an s-shape line from the corner of your mouth toward your ear guided by your cheekbone/jawline.



7. Start adding embellishments! I like using self adhesive gemstones for teeth. 



8. Glue all the things that are not self adhesive to your face using eyelash glue. 



9. Complete your look however you’d like! I ended up covering my line with flowers because I liked how it looked. 



10. Optional: Glam up the other side of your face with some lipstick and add lashes! 



11. Take a picture and share with all your loved ones and tag @austincreativereuse on social media!



  • It’s ok to mess up! You can always cover any mistakes with embellishments. Trust the process. 
  • To clean up, try an oil-based cleanser or coconut oil to remove any leftover adhesive, eyeliner, and eyeshadow color.


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