Staff Spotlight: Jen Mack

Staff Spotlight: Jen Mack


Each month, we highlight one of the amazing folks who help to keep Austin Creative Reuse running. This month, it’s ACR’s first ever employee, Jen Mack! Jen started out as a volunteer at the Linc location, back when the organization was 100% volunteer-run. As ACR grew, she was the very first person to be hired into a paid position.  Since then, she’s filled nearly every role within the organization, from running the register to balancing our annual budget.  Now, as our Center Manager, Jen oversees every aspect of our programming, HR, and our volunteer community. Jen is incredibly versatile and a true team player.  She’s always willing to tackle any issues and jump in wherever it’s needed most!  We’re so appreciative of her and hope that we have many more years to celebrate together!


How did you find Austin Creative Reuse?

I found out about ACR through a local toy lending library.  I had just had my second child and I was looking for a way to get back out into the world and talk with other adults.  A friend recommended that I look into volunteering.  The convergence of conservation and creativity was perfect for me!  The people were inspiring and I was hooked.  I volunteered for a few months before scooping up the very first paid staff position.  


What’s your favorite part about working at ACR?

The community for sure.  Whether it’s the amazing artists, the dedicated volunteers, the spunky staff and all of the other supporters. I am in love with the way that this community supports and lifts each other up.  


Are you an artist, crafter, or maker? What mediums do you work with?

Nah, I prefer to help amplify other artists, crafters and makers.  My daughter is pretty crafty though so I’m sometimes forced to create with her ; ) 


What do you do when you’re not working at ACR?

As a single mom, I’m usually pretty busy with the kiddos.  We love to do anything outdoors, hiking, fishing and camping are some of our favorites.  I’m the troop leader for my daughter’s girl scout troop also.  For myself, I’m a little obsessed with board games.  Someday, I’ll get to play them with real people.  I also love to cook.  My creative pursuits usually happen in the kitchen. 


What’s the craziest thing you found in donation mountain?

I guess one of the craziest things is human teeth.  We also had a zebra hide donated.  I love seeing folks collections of regular items.  Bread ties, button replacements from garments, one time someone donated their clothing tag collection.  People are amazing.  


Jen’s kiddos having some fun in the sun!


  • Martha Ward | Oct 7,2021

    Love these emails and blog notes. Bravo, Jen and all others who make ACR rock

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