Make: Felted Wool Mittens

Make: Felted Wool Mittens


As House Stark would say, winter is coming. Our Board President, Carole, wants to help keep those hands and hearts warm with this simple tutorial using felted wool sweaters! Grab that old felt wool sweater that you don’t wear anymore, paper, marker, scissors, needle, and embroidery thread, and let’s get started.


First, create a template by tracing a mitten shape around both hands on a piece of paper. Give yourself a little wiggle room so they’re not too tight!



Cut out templates and pin to the fabric or use a fabric marker to outline on the wool. Cut out mitten shape from the wool.



You will need two cut outs from each hand. 




You can use colorful felt to cut out fun shapes or designs and embroider to the top of the mitt for decoration.



Use a blanket stitch to sew the two sides of each mitt together.



Now you have a comfy, cozy pair of mitts for those cold winter nights!


  • Alison Little | Nov 21,2021

    super cool, thanks for the post!!

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