Our Team

Executive Director – Interim

“I bring 15+ years of experience in nonprofit, social enterprise, and business management to the role, with connections to environmental conservation, community education, and the arts.   I’ve been supporting nonprofits and purpose-driven businesses in consulting and Interim ED roles for the past 3 years. I specialize in circular economy strategies, and I have worked with clothing brands, textile recyclers, manufacturers, and nonprofit organizations of all kinds. My educational background  includes an MBA in Sustainability, a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership in Management, and BFA in studio art and event production. I’ve lived in Austin for 13 years and on the weekends you’ll often find me working on my fixer-upper house, creating and cooking with friends, or enjoying outdoor adventures with my 9yo and 16yo kiddos.    

Operations and Community Relations Manager

Jen Mack

“I’m a mother, a gardener and a Texas transplant originally from the northeast.  I love helping my kids learn about the environment and spending time outside. I am an amateur crafter and enjoy knitting, repurposing, cooking and sewing.” Jen works with the Shift Leads to oversee center operations, as well as managing volunteer and events coordination. 

Operations and Administrative Coordinator

Kat Moulton

Kat’s love for art and conservation began at an early age when she spent summers crafting, exploring, and gardening at her grandma’s house – a log cabin in the woods! A former disaster relief professional, Kat left her career behind in order to have more time for creative endeavors. She enjoys experimenting with mediums she has never tried before, either on her own or by taking classes and workshops. Kat spends her free time dancing, caring for her many plants, snuggling with her two pups, and going on adventures with her partner of 6 years.

Shift Leads

Theresa Hauser

“Theresa was drawn to ACR because of her interest in sustainability and climate change and is excited by the opportunity to encourage reuse in the Austin community. Although she’s not particularly crafty, she finds that putting existing items to good use and finding alternatives to buying new is a form of creativity in and of itself. Theresa left her career in toxicology and research in order to gain more work-life balance and time for hobbies. She enjoys tending to her plants, spending time outdoors, and trying to minimize her environmental footprint by making household items rather than buying them.”

Barb Paris

” Hi ! I am a mother a teacher and an artist. I taught art k-12 in public schools for 10 years and currently have my own after school program in Round Rock. I am the co-founder of Marmalade skies , an art studio in Austin TX, and helped to start the children’s museums in New Braunfels and San Antonio. I was born in NYC raised in NEW Jersey and moved to Austin  20 years ago. My artwork is eclectic and is mostly large scale multi media; paintings. Many of my large paintings are done on old used doors.”

Christy Salazar

I’ve lived in Austin since I was 2 yrs old. Art, creativity, and a love for nature have always been a part of my life. In my second grade journal, I wrote that I want to be an artist or a designer when I grow up. A degree in Fine Arts and many, many creative projects later, my love for art and design is still there. When creating art, I love to experiment just to see what unexpected things can happen. The “what if…” question pops up quite often during my creative process. In a general sense, creativity and imagination open up possibilities to any situation even in reguards to issues we face as a society today. Eventually I hope to have children who will also desire to make this a better place for future generations in a fun and creative way!



Alex Dodge

“I moved to the Austin area from Sweden when I was 4. I’ve long had a passion for various types of art, craft, and music, and Austin was a fantastic city to grow up around. Environmental science, the outdoors, and conservation have been a big part of my life for a long time. I’m an amateur crafter, and I’m trying to learn and improve various skills, like leather working and sewing, which I often use to make post-apocalyptic costumes and props.”

Kaysie Logan

Kaysie, a recent UT graduate, is beginning her career in the nonprofit sector with a BA in Art History, a minor in Arts Management and Administration, and a certificate in Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofits. A colorful tree-hugger from a young age, Kaysie focuses her life around art and conservation, and works to inspire those around her to live a creative and sustainable lifestyle. In her free time, Kaysie enjoys trail running in the greenbelt, making art and supporting local artists of Austin, and dancing the night away in the live music capital of the world.

Hali Simmons






I am a lover of the arts and sciences, and hope to one day live in a beautiful forest cottage tending to chickens, identifying beautiful spiders, and creating my days away surrounded by friends. I have worked professionally as an artist and fabricator for the UT Hyperloop which went on to SpaceX, as well as in collaboration with companies like Vogue, Cosmopolitain, and HYPEBAE. I have a passion for fashion and sew and model a lot of my own clothes. First pick of fabric is one of my favorite perks of working at ACR, along with the fact that working for a non-profit and sustainable company feels so very good! I have worked as a commercial actress and model, gardener, stained glass artist, and telescope operator for the UT Astronomy Association. As well as my fair share of restaurant, fast food, and retail jobs. I have my BFA, which is an expensive piece of paper, and I’m a published short story author, and now I run an ever growing book club stream online! Will I ever stop??? Hopefully.

Blessing Taclobao








After moving to Austin from Brownsville, TX in 2012, Blessing found this city an ideal space to grow their creative skills and meet fantastic people along the way. Outside of ACR, they can be found making jewelry, modifying clothes, thrifting, hunting for fossils, and standing RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

Social Media

Valerie Ruiz

Hi! I’ve been a photographer and artist since high school. It’s great to see how much photography has developed over the years. I’m pretty sure a day doesn’t go by that I don’t photograph something. I enjoy sharing my passion on social media @varucreative (insta). Some of my other passions are marketing, anything plant related, and fostering communities. I also appreciate the beauty in everyday life – cooking, walking, conversing and paying attention to the world around you. I grew up Harlingen TX, and have been living in Austin for 7 years with my husband and our dog Connie.  

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