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Austin Creative Reuse is Seeking an Intern!

Do you have a passion for art, reuse or the environment? Do you want to learn more about start-ups and how to create a business?

About the Internship
Austin Creative Reuse (ACR) is seeking two interns to work 15-20 hours per week.

We are looking for team-members who are ready to use their creativity, innovation, enthusiasm and skills to help move ACR forward.

This is an unpaid internship but can count towards school credit and is a great resume builder and opportunity to gain valuable experience.

You’ll have the chance to see what it takes for a non-profit organization to go from an idea on paper to a sustainable community organization!

We offer super-flexible hours seven days a week. You will work remotely most of the time, but must be located in the Austin area. We’ll have regular in-person meetings to check in and offer help and guidance where needed.

Responsibilities may include:
Support start-up operations by tracking and analyzing key performance metrics.
Develop frameworks for policies concerning personnel, operations and sustainability.
Coordinate a marketing brand development project.
Assist with the opening of a retail location.
Coordinate an online giving campaign.
Coordinate collection of materials for ACR.
Attend events hosted by ACR that build awareness in the community.
Create internal and external communications that excite audiences about ACR.

● Well-organized and detail-oriented.
● Strong written, oral, and visual communication skills.
● Able to work both independently and as part of a team.
● Familiarity working with Google Drive, Trello or other task management tools.

You must have access to a computer and the Internet.

About Austin Creative Reuse
Austin Creative Reuse is a nonprofit organization that collects, sells, and distributes donated reusable materials. We’re giving materials a second life! We are currently working towards opening a public community and retail space.

How to apply
Email your cover letter and resume to

August 2013 Board Meeting

August 13, 2013 at 7pm
Directors Present: Harley, Rebecca, Angela, Katy, Cindy, Leslie

Summer Yard Sale

Our Summer Yard Sale in July was a complete succuess! We had 175 visitors and raised over $1,000 for Austin Creative Reuse. Even more importantly for Rebecca, we were able to clear out a bunch of material in her garage.

Austin Creative Reuse Summer Yard Sale

Austin Creative Reuse Summer Yard Sale

ReuseConex is coming to Austin in 2014!

We’re really excited to announce that  ReuseConex, the International Reuse Conference & Expo, will be coming to Austin in 2014! Austin Creative Reuse is serving on the Hosting Committee, helping with planning and promotion.

August Craft Meetup Canceled

The first day of school is the same night as our Craft Night, so we’ve canceled it for August. We will resume in September!

Tentative Upcoming Dates

Sept. 23 – Educators Material Drive + Craft Meetup – Location TBD
Oct. 13 – Tentative date for Educators Material Drive


Upcycling is a process of using waste materials and useless products to create something useful and have better value in the environment. The upcycling concept was the title of the German book written by Gunter Pauli in 1997. It actively prevents potential waste generated on a daily basis. Upcycling is the opposite of downcycling, which is the other half of the recycling process. Downcycling involves converting materials and products into new materials of lesser quality. Most recycling involves converting or extracting useful materials from a product and creating a different product or material.

At breaking rules and thinking different is the motto. Upcyclista celebrates art, artists, designers and ideas out of the box. Upcyclista is a project run by ClearWorld Media, based out of Beijing, China. ClearWorld Media is a not-for-loss social media enterprise with a mission to inspire the world to transition to a sustainable, more equitable and fun place to live. They strive to create a better world and encourage people to upcycle, hence help in reducing the carbon footprints and lessening waste that goes into landfills. Check out their website for some of the most innovative ideas from artists and giving temporary things a permanent life.




Yard Dog

Yard Dog Art, located in Austin is a store with upcycled and sculptures made with reuse materials. – The husband and wife team combine wire, vintage ceiling tin, watch parts, vintage fabrics, and architectural salvage to create their unique sculptures.  They also feature works from various artists who follow similar lines of creating magic from materials that can be reused.  Yard Dog is also known for its contemporary , fine, funky and pop art, they feature various pieces from artists like Eddie Arning, Deborah Baker, Lisa Brawn etc.  They are open from Mon-Fri 11-5, Sat 11-6, Sun noon – 5 and are located at 1510 S. Congress. For more information about their gallery exhibits visit their website at


Summer Yard Sale was a Success!

Our Summer Yard Sale on July 13th was a major success! We had 175 visitors and raised over $1,000 for Austin Creative Reuse. Even more importantly for Rebecca, we were able to clear out a bunch of material in her garage.

Austin Creative Reuse Summer Yard Sale Austin Creative Reuse Summer Yard Sale

2013-07-13 08.40.35

2013-07-13 08.41.33

July 2013 Board Meeting

July 9, 2013 at 7pm
Directors Present: Rebecca, Harley, Angela, Kaci, Katy, Cindy

East Austin Studio Tour – Coordinator Volunteer Needed

EAST is just around the corner and we’d love to participate this year! We need a coordinator (that’s you!) to plan and organize our craft and volunteers. Think you might be interested? Get more information at

Upcoming Events

July 13 – Summer Yard Sale
August 24 – Fabric Sale at Fabriker
October (TBD) – Educators Material Drive


Austin Upcycle Challenge Recap

On June 15th, we partnered with Goodwill Austin,  Austin Zero Waste Alliance and to challenge the Austin community to make something creative out of Goodwill’s “end of the line” items.

It was a great event!

June 2013 Board Meeting

June 11, 2013 at 7pm
Directors Present: Rebecca, Harley, Angela, Kaci, Katy, Cindy

Austin Creative Reuse Annual Report

We’re very pleased to release our FY2012 Annual Report. You can find the annual report and our other 2012 highlights on our Community Impact page.

Upcoming Events

June 15 – Austin Upcycle Challenge
June 20 – Craft Night Meet Up at Recycled Reads
July 13 – Summer Yard Sale
August (TBD) – Fabric Sale at Fabricker

Austin 5th Graders Create Mosaic with Reuse Materials

5th graders at Forest Trail Elementary recently finished a mosaic service project in which they used tile, plates, and bowls to create a beautiful mural!

Austin Creative Reuse was delighted to donate the plates and bowls to their project! They did such an amazing job!

Thank you for giving us the colorful plates and bowels. The kids had a blast breaking them up into pieces! They incorporated the donated Austin Creative Reuse tiles within some of the butterflies, flowers and birds. It helped bring interest to the piece.

This is one of those brilliant ways teachers are reusing items in projects to educate kids about art and reuse. We’re really excited to help them with gathering materials for the project.

Isn’t the finished piece beautiful?

IMG_5795IMG_5798Forest Trail Elementary 5th graders create reuse mosaic

Plastic cap mural at Clayton Elementary

Second through fourth graders at a Clayton Elementary after-school program found a way to keep plastic lids out of the landfill and beautify their school at the same time. Using multicolor and various sizes of lids, they are in the process of creating two murals for display at their school.  Art teacher Nancy Hallmark says the entire school community has been contributing plastic lids for this project. Great work, guys!

Plastic Cap Mural by Clayton ElementaryPlastic Cap Mural by Clayton Elementary Plastic Cap Mural by Clayton ElementaryPlastic Cap Mural by Clayton Elementary

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