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Welcome April Kling Meyer to the Board of Directors

ACR would like to welcome our newest Board Member, April Kling Meyer.  April will be heading up our Community Outreach Committee.  Her focus will be on capturing and sharing the ACR story on a local and national level.

April Kling Meyer is a multi-disciplinary creative and hobbyist. She began quilting at age 8, and began designing her own formalwear and making her own clothes at the age of 15.

April’s career has covered many facets of media, marketing, and publicity. In Austin, she is best known for her former Chronicle Award-winning fabric retail at Fabricker, as well as her philanthropic work with Art From the Streets, Fusebox (with SOS: Sewn on the Street and Future Factory Austin at thinkEAST), New Milestones Foundation, and Girl Scouts of Central Texas.


May Craft Night – Upcycled Cactus Planters

One of our favorite reuse crafts, upcycled cactus gardens.  We all wind up with ceramic cups, bowls and serving pieces that are cracked or chipped.  Too precious to send to the landfill so we must find a way to reuse instead.  For our May craft night, we pulled together some of those adorable containers and long with a bit of potting soil, cactus cuttings and a ceramic drill bit to come up with something special.  We added a bit of flare to each container by digging around bucket.  Adding a small toy, some pretty rocks or even an tiny Christmas ornament can really up to cute factor.  



String Art for Dad

Father’s Day is soon, here is a great gift you can make for dad!

Materials:  A hammer, nails, wood board, and string. ACR has plenty of string for this project!





To do:  Print a template of your choice. You can use words or photos. Outline the picture or words with nails leaving at least half of a centimeter to wrap your string.  When done outlining, remove the paper template, then choose your favorite color string to start wrapping.  You can wrap the string in any directions to complete your work.







You can even wrap the string in the negative space! 

Reuse Community Spotlight: Scott Rolfe

Scott Rolfe
Local Assemblage Artist
Scott’s a regular here at Austin Creative Reuse.  When we decided to do spotlights on reuse artists in the community, Scott was a natural candidate!  We are so excited that we get to contribute to these unique pieces of art and meet the creative people behind them!  Here’s a little glimpse into Scott Rolfe and his artwork.  
How did you start creating art and what is your medium? 
While I’ve always been drawn to art as long as I can remember, I was introduced to a new medium back in college. While in a mixed media and collage class, I discovered I really love incorporating bits and pieces of things into my artwork. Known as assemblage, it simply means art made from found objects. It is the medium that I always return to now, and is what primarily shows up in my recent works. 
How does reuse play a part in your art? Why reuse? Conservation, sentimentalism, another story? 
Reuse comes naturally in this form of art. As my art is made out of objects, I’m always on the look out for new sources of material, and am often looking through thrift stores, junk yards, and of course Austin Creative Reuse! These older objects often have a naturally aged feel that fits into my art pieces well, and a genuine feel that can’t be imitated artificially. There is also a fiscal aspect to this, as buying all these things new would be very cost prohibitive. There is also the spirit of conservation that serves as an undercurrent to all this. It is a good feeling taking something that had been previously discarded, and breathe new life into it.
What excites you about shopping at ACR? 
It is always a surprise coming into ACR. With donations arriving daily, each visit yields new treasures, and they often can serve as the impetus for a new creative idea. 
Where can we find out more about your art?
Main website:
* Brick Oven Restaurant on 35th
* WEST Stop 322 – Shiny Object 3507 S 1st St

Volunteer Spotlight: Carol Noble

  1. What motivates you to volunteer?

I am retired but like to stay busy.  I interact best with people when working together to achieve something—that’s the way I socialize.  Volunteering is a way to meet people and achieve something.

  1. Why ACR?

I like working with smart, creative people and Austin Creative Reuse fits that bill for me.

  1. How long have you volunteered with ACR?

A little over 2 years

  1. Are you more into the arts aspect of ACR or the conservation aspect and why?

A little into both.  I see possibilities in every scrap.  Also, I can’t stand to see anything be discarded before its useful life is over.  Just because something is no longer functional for its original purpose, there are usually ways it can be repurposed for longer useful life.

  1. Where else have you/do you volunteer?

I have volunteered for Austin Women in Technology, Women Printmakers of Austin, Old Bakery, ROCK (Ride on Center for Kids), Cat Mountain Homeowners Association

  1. What do you enjoy the most out of volunteering for ACR?

Seeing all of the interesting things that are donated.  It’s hard not to buy something every time I volunteer.  

  1. Do you have any interesting or funny stories about something that happened while you were volunteering at ACR?

I love sewing patterns.  We get so many we discard the ones that have already been used.  I’m finally ok with discarding them, having spent hours online trying to find ways to reuse the pattern envelopes and tissue pieces.  We do reuse the larger pieces for packing breakables and share the tissue with other stores.  If anybody has good ideas on how to reuse crinkled up tissue pattern pieces or the patterns envelopes let me know!!!

All at Once

Jack Johnson, musician and well-known environmentalist, is partnering with Austin Creative Reuse in celebration of his concert in Austin on Wednesday, April 25 at the Austin360 Amphitheater.  The All at Once community was started by his family’s Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation to partner with local organizations on his tours and provide a space to connect local nonprofit groups and promote environmental action.


Austin Creative Reuse will have a booth at the concert to promote creative reuse and further our mission of considering the lifespan of items and the inherent value of all things. Our mission is echoed in the All at Once tenet of: “Collectively, individual actions create global change. Your actions, your voice, and your choices, all have a huge impact.”


Thanks to a generous offer by All at Once, donations made to Austin Creative Reuse (up to $2,500 by 6/15/2018) will be matched by the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation. Here is how to get your donation to be matched:


  • Contribute to our donation box in the center.
  • Donate via check and note “All at Once” on the memo line
  • Online donations can be matched if you send us an email after the donation noting it is for “All at Once.”  Please send the email


We are sincerely grateful to Jack and everyone at All at Once for this amazing opportunity. For more information or questions, please contact Sharon Yarbrough, ACR’s Fundraising Chairperson at  

We’re Hiring!

Title:  Clerk-Part time (15-20 hrs per week)

Possible schedule: Wednesday-Saturday various shifts

Wage: $13.00

Reports to: Shift Lead


Who We Are

Austin Creative Reuse is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to foster conservation and reuse through creativity, education, and community building.

  • We collect, distribute, and sell reusable materials donated from industry and individuals.
  • We educate the community about how to reduce, reuse, and create in responsible and fun ways. We make instructional kits, have a library of design and art ideas, and share these online and in-store.
  • We unite the community by hosting a range of events, activities, and classes that bring people together to build awareness around conscious consumption, sustainability, and art
  • We promote awareness of like-minded organizations to reduce overlap and increase awareness of city resources.


What We Offer

  • Fun, creative and collaborative environment that will give you great experience working in the non-profit industry and with a diverse volunteer population.
  • Ability to expand role based on interest and skill set.  This could include assisting with our social media efforts or at our workshops. There is also potential for advancement to an opening and closing center lead role.


What You’ll Bring

We are looking for amazing people with diverse backgrounds and a genuine passion for creativity and reuse. Our ideal candidates will be comfortable talking about crafting materials and dealing with pricing questions.  We expect our clerks to:

  • Be outstanding at customer service.
  • Be efficient at checking out customers quickly.
  • Have excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, especially dealing with register.
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be able to juggle multiple tasks and work in an active non profit environment


  • Previous customer service and cashier experience
  • Basic knowledge of Point of Sales Systems and cash drawer reconciliation
  • Basic computer skills including knowledge of email, Microsoft Office, and google drive
  • Minimum: High School Diploma or Equivalent.


What You’ll Do

The Austin Creative Reuse Clerk is friendly, personable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Austin Creative Reuse and our mission. This is a vital role as you will be the first and last contact for customers visiting the center. You will be greeting customers as they enter the center and helping customers check out quickly. An Austin Creative Reuse clerk will become familiar with center pricing and will use sound judgement to complete transactions. You will use Square to process credit card sales and be able to handle money for cash sales.  You will engage the customer about their experience in the center and let them know about making financial donations, future programs and events.

  • Greet new customers and introduce them to the center and how it is set up.
  • Main point person for the register and front of the center.
  • Manage all aspects of customer transactions including making sure that transaction data is accurately entered into the cash register.
  • Screen items brought in as drop-off donations; provide donation receipts; ensure that donations are recorded accurately in the donation log.
  • Physical Requirements: Push/pull merchandise with appropriate equipment to and from backroom and sales floor. Lift, place, and arrange items on shelves and racks. Bend down and reach above head. Climb and descend ladder. Stand during an entire shift (other than normal break time).


The above is intended to describe the general content of the requirements for the performance of this job. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements.


To Apply

Please submit your resume and tailored cover letter online to

We review applications on a rolling basis, so it is to your advantage to apply as soon as possible.  We will not consider applications without a cover letter tailored to this position.


At Austin Creative Reuse, we believe that diversity makes us stronger and challenges us to think differently every day. Austin Creative Reuse  provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran status or disability.


Learn More

Austin Creative Reuse:

Material of the Week: Keys

Keys are beautiful in both texture and shape.  They carry stories with them, and they can be used for their utility and beauty in all kinds of craft projects.  Check out some of these cool reuse projects using keys.

Keys are a great addition when making jewelry.  Even the most common of keys becomes an interesting addition when used in this medium. 

We love yard art!  And bonus if it also makes noise!  This project looks easy enough to let the kiddos help out.

Check out this key holder made of keys and a beautiful piece of reclaimed wood as its base.  This is a great project for the beginning DIYer, no power tools necessary.

Have fun, get crafty and share with us on Facebook and Instagram what you’ve made with this weeks material of the week.

Looking for more inspiration for projects with keys? Find other great ideas on our Pinterest page.

Material of the Week: Slides

You can find slides at Austin Creative Reuse for just 5 cents each.  Let’s find some fun ways to use them!

This website, Dishfunctional Designs, has some really great ideas to reuse old photo slides.  There wasn’t a lot of instruction, but many of them seemed easy to figure out.  This small light looks really neat!

These would be the perfect christmas lights for the film buff in your family, or great in any media room. 

We love little notebooks!!  And we love all the amazing materials you can use to make them!  Check out this little notebook using slides as the cover. 

Check out our pinterest board for slides for even more crafty ideas. 

Have fun folks!  Remember to share your creations on facebook and instagram!

Material of the Week: Crayons

We’ve got a plethora of crayons!  They’re just 25cents a scoop.  Offering them bulk like this, gives folks the chance to be picky about they’re colors.  So if it’s a mono-chromatic hair-dryer painting you’re wanting, no worries, get right to picking out all those pinks! 

So just what can you do with old crayons.  

Draw with them of course!  The less than perfect, stubby seconds are just fine for little hands!  Check this out from our Educator Committee member, Bernadette Noll about creating a “share economy” in the classroom. 

Maybe you’re kids have outgrown the crayons, or you’re just looking for some new inspiration.  

Here are 5 ideas from including the ever popular, “new crayons”, crayon candles, stained glass suncatcher, hair dryer painting and a DIY crayon monogram.   Almost all the supplies from every one of these projects can be found at the center. 


I also love this idea for a DIY iron-on transfer, using crayons and sandpaper.  Get those onesies ready! 




Have fun folks!  Remember to share your creations on facebook and instagram!


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