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Customer Spotlight: Andrea “Andy” Alfaro

Andrea “Andy” Alfaro @wholeconcept


How did you find out about ACR?

When you guys were smaller, I think through my roommate at the time who is also an artist. I shopped with you guys off and on, but when you guys opened this location, you became way more accessible for me, so I’ve been here 3 times in the last two weeks.


Why do you shop at ACR?

It’s sustainable, it’s variety, it’s affordable, and it’s interesting and inspiring. I’ll see something and think oh I can do this, rather than just have a baseline. You know, what can I do next?


What do you use the items you purchase for?

Today I’m buying frames because I have an art show on Saturday and I’m framing my art. I got some stuff for making masks in the materials section, some paper for collaging and drawing and I really like the vintage section – I’ve gotten some great gifts there.


What’s the craziest or most unique item that you’ve found at ACR?

A vintage little glass box with these delicate crumbling flowers with a little bird’s nest where I put a baby bird skull that I found.


What’s your favorite part about shopping at ACR?

It feels explorative, and I like the no-waste component. I don’t have to buy a whole bunch of materials at once because there’s this space that has an ongoing supply of items.



See more about Andy’s upcoming art show at

Anthropomorphic: Andrea Alfaro + Chris Martino

September 19th to October 3rd, 2020

Select a private viewing appointment on either September 19th or October 3rd. Each 30-minute appointment slot can accommodate up to 6 people who will be viewing the exhibit from 2 different windows outside of the gallery, providing ample space to each other and wearing masks to respect everyone’s safety. If you would like to set up a different viewing time, contact



Call for Art! Contribute to ACR’s Fall Fundraiser!

Austin Creative Reuse is seeking art, apparel, and home goods from artists, crafters, makers, and designers made from mostly reuse materials for the soft launch of our online gallery and fall fundraiser!
The fundraiser runs for three weeks and will feature creatives who select a sliding scale commission split to benefit ACR. Fill out the form to submit a work! Selected items will appear in the online event running October 23- Nov 15th.
***Very Important Final Step***
Please email up to three quality images of each piece (180 DPI or higher) to Calder Kamin at The call closes October 10. Selected artists will be contacted by October 17th.

Make a Catnip Bat

It’s less than 60 days til Halloween! Let the spooky crafts begin!! For this catnip bat toy, you can play with all kinds of fabric scraps, but it is best to use something durable for the body. Or, maybe you like catnip exploded all over your house! Have fun making all kinds of bats, and hand them out like candy to all of your cat friends. If you need any of the supplies, swing by ACR! We always have plenty of felt, thread, and Halloween inspiration! 

Make a Wrist Pincushion

How many different things can you make with a fabric sample book? So many! Last week, we made a homemade banner. This week, let’s make a wrist pincushion! You could make a ton of these with just one book, and your hand stitching skills don’t need to be at all fancy. Fabric sample books are 50 cents each at ACR, and we even stock them in our online store

August Reuse and Rethink Winner: Mimi A

This month, we challenged you to rethink the versatile slide carousel. We’re pleased to announce our winner, Mimi A! We were very impressed by Mimi’s ability to think outside the carousel and make it into something completely reimagined and new to us. 

Using a variety of reused and repurposed materials, Mimi created a lighthouse with a working light. “My family really likes this piece of art. My husband is creating a space for it to be seen permanently and my daughter-in-law said this is her favorite piece that I’ve created.”

With light off

With light on

Materials Included:

  • old lazy susan (base)
  • rocks from the yard and ACR
  • white rocks from Dollar Tree
  • glitter snow (from ACR for the path to the light house and just a few specs in the water)
  • Paint medium from Dollar tree
  • Mika powders (from old craft kits used for the water)
  • paint (from ACR)
  • paper scraps (from ACR used for the windows and railing)
  • slide show carousel (gallery – what the sailor is standing in/on)
  • inner piece of 2 slide show carousels (the piece connected to the gallery)
  • old foam paint brush (door)
  • paper cup for lantern
  • old tea light from a pumpkin decoration
  • old plant pots
  • boat, oars, and mermaid (from old craft kits)
  • lego sailor


Thank you to everyone else for your ideas and submissions! As always, your creativity inspires us!

September Artist Spotlight: Jennie Tudor Gray

How did you start creating art?

I am an Austin, TX based multidisciplinary artist, art and yoga teacher, curator, and social justice activist who is passionate about using the arts and yoga as a method of social change. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with an All Level Teaching Certification from Texas State University-San Marcos. I have been creating art since I was a little kid for as far back as I can remember. It is always something that came naturally to me and I feel at my most sincere when I am creating as well as teaching others art, design, and yoga. Making art is the way I process the world around me. It is my life’s passion to share my love for art, creativity, and self expression with others.


What is your preferred medium?

To be honest, I rarely stick to any one art medium, but enjoy exploring as many different materials and processes as possible in order to deepen my own practice as an artist, as well as to better inform my ability to teach a wider variety of art styles and techniques with my students.

I have spent many years of creating intricate collages and mixed media works out of vintage and altered books, found objects, recycled materials


How does reuse play a part in your art?

I like being able to use discarded objects in my work in order to give them new life, reduce waste, and also draw attention to pollution and mass consumption. I think there is something special to be found in the pages and materials from old books and objects cast off by our consumer society. You do not have to spend a lot of money on art supplies in order to create meaningful and significant work. I love reusing materials because the media ends up becoming the message and helps tell the story for you. For the Climate Strike in 2019, my students and I made dozens of protest signs using all recycled materials and found objects and we bought no new materials.


How has your art adapted during the pandemic?

During the pandemic my art has adapted into making use of the materials I already have at home or am able to order online. The pandemic has increased consumption in some ways such as having dozens of brown paper grocery bags from curbside pickup, empty bottles of hand sanitizer, empty canisters of disinfectant wipes, and forced me to consider experimenting with these items in innovative ways. The pandemic has also impacted the way I teach art through remote learning. Since my students are spread out around the world and have a wide variety of circumstances and limited access to  supplies, we had to get very creative in our projects. I taught about the life and work of Andy Goldsworthy, who does site specific installations using only natural materials, like leaves, sticks, stones, and snow and students went out into their yards or a nearby park to create their own installations inspired by his work. I am also looking forward to creating wearable art with recycled materials and packaging from all the items we have delivered to us and having a “Trashion Show” with my students this year.


Do you have a favorite ACR find? What did you do with it?

I found some amazing vintage jewelry when I was there including a groovy bakelite pendant with the profile of a young girl with a bouffant hairdo, as well as some unique rhinestone brooches. 


Where can we find out more about your art?

You can find out more about my art at, on Facebook Jennie Tudor Gray, Artist

Instagram and Twitter @jennietudorgray

For samples of work with my students, you can find it on Facebook and IG @msgraysartroom and



Life Cycle of a Donation

Have you ever wondered what happens to the materials that you donate to Austin Creative Reuse? Watch our video series, “Life Cycle of a Donation” to see the behind the scenes of how we process all those donations and get them into the hands of our creative community!

Make a Fabric Sample Banner

Handmade banners are one of the many fun things you can make with fabric sample books. The great thing about them is that the fabrics already represent a collection, so coordinating a color scheme/textile theme is easy! Follow these steps to make a unique fabric banner, which can be reused, repurposed, and rearranged! Fabric sample books are a staple at ACR, we always have a wide variety in store!

We’re Reopening!

When we closed our doors on March 15th, we thought it would be two weeks before we could reopen again. We had no idea that 5 months later, we would still be in the midst of a global pandemic, with no end in sight. The team at Austin Creative Reuse has been incredibly adaptive during these strange times – quickly opening up an online store, offering custom orders via virtual video conferencing, and hosting sidewalk sales multiple times a week. Despite all these new services, we know it hasn’t been enough to serve the needs of our entire community. After much careful consideration, we have decided to reopen the doors to our center on Thursday, August 20th


We know that not everyone is comfortable venturing out into public spaces, which is why we will continue to offer our online store with curbside pickup, and custom orders via Zoom. However, we will discontinue our sidewalk sales upon reopening. 


Health and safety has always been at the forefront of our decision making process, and we’ll be taking several precautions to minimize risk and exposure for our staff, volunteers, and you – our loyal customers and supporters. 


If you are feeling ill, caring for someone who is ill, or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID in the past 14 days, we ask that you postpone your visit to ACR.


  • Limited Hours: We’ll be open during the following times:
    • Mon – Wed: CLOSED
    • Thurs & Fri: 10AM – 4PM
    • Sat: 11AM – 6PM
    • Sun: 12PM – 6PM
    • Curbside pickup will remain available from 10AM – 4PM, 7 days a week
  • At-Risk Shopping Hour: We will reserve an hour each week specifically for those who are at risk.
    • Sat: 10AM – 11AM
  • Limited Entries: We will limit the number of customers in the center to 20 people at a time. Entry will be first come, first served. If we are at capacity, you will be asked to queue outside the center in a socially distanced line.
  • Masks Required – No Exceptions: In the best interest of everyone’s health and safety, we are not allowing shoppers in without a mask. We understand some people may have conditions preventing them from being able to wear one, however, we have other ways to access our services through online shopping and custom orders. For a nominal fee, we’re happy to pull together items for you to pick up curbside, in order to minimize your risk and exposure.
  • Contact Tracing: All customers will be asked to provide a name and email address or phone number upon entry. We value your privacy and will only use your contact information in the event of a known exposure.
  • Other Health and Safety Measures: Customers will be required to have their temperature taken and sanitize their hands prior to entering the center. You will also be required to keep at least 6 feet of distance from others while shopping inside.
  • Material Donations: We will continue to accept donations by appointment only, and walk up donations will be politely turned away. We are not allowing shoppers to bring donations at this time.
  • Frequent Cleaning and Sanitation: Prior to reopening, we will have a professional sanitation company perform a deep cleaning of the center. We are also sanitizing surfaces and high touch areas at least twice daily and providing frequent hand washing breaks for our staff and volunteers.


We are eager to share our new space with you! Our appreciation and gratitude goes out to each of you for your patience, support, and understanding during this time. We’ll see you soon!

Make Champagne Cork Mushrooms

Pop! Magic is always in the air at ACR! In this easy tutorial, see how to transform the everyday champagne cork into a tiny garden treasure! These mushrooms can also be added to party settings, or festive gift bags, or in doll houses (think of them as little tables). Have fun with it!  Bags of champagne corks are a staple at the center – grab one today!



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Sun: 12PM - 6PM
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