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Board of Directors Meeting Summary, 2018 February

The Board of Directors met in February to discuss upcoming activities and events at Austin Creative Reuse. We are excited to announce that the monthly adult craft night, hosted by volunteer extraordinaire Shiree Schade, is very popular and fun. Keep an eye out for signups for the next ones. ACR will continue to have a monthly presence, staffed by Holli Hartman, at the SFC Farmers Market where you can make some great reuse crafts. Jen Mack, center manager, and Jenn Evans, sustainability board member, are creating a partnership for fun events between ACR and Families in Nature. More to come on that.


The board geared up for a push for participating and giving opportunities through Amplify Austin. The board also strategized about materials collection after SXSW to reduce that amount of materials heading to the landfill.


The Educator Committee has created a workshop for art teacher development in the Pflugerville school district. The workshop received positive feedback. The committee continues to host Educator Meet-Ups and is installing additional reuse cabinets in various schools, including Deer Park Middle School. The committee recently received a $600 grant for reuse cabinet installations from the Bright Green Futures Grant program administered by the City of Austin.


ACR is still looking for an educator board member, as well as a person with PR/marketing skills to join the board. The Safety Committee would love to see a new board member with professional safety program and HR experience.


The Sustainability Committee submitted the annual Universal Recycling Ordinance report and is preparing the Austin Green Business Leaders Application. 


Led by volunteer Sarah Bird, ACR is collaborating with Goodwill to analyze their trash and potentially divert some of it for reuse through ACR. Long-term the committee will attempt to collaborate with AISD and Goodwill to develop a teacher reuse store.


The Financial Committee reports strong numbers for January and noted a $5,000 donation from Bunkhouse Group.


President Carole LeClair reported that ACR is negotiating for ACR’s new space in a shopping center not too far from the existing location. The search committee is finding that the market is very hot and very expensive, with properties being rented out before they even have the chance to tour them. Executive Director Isadora McKeon reported on many of the activities she has completed over the last month. She worked with Matt Reilly, program director at KUTX, to obtain public service announcement coverage of ACR on air.

Fall Board Planning Session – 2017 October

The board spent all day with our Executive Director on 10/14/2017 planning for new programs and services to offer in 2018. New programs and services could include: expanded hours and open days, expanded size of the retail portion of the Center along with workshop space, additional workshops and collaboration with artists for more workshops, expansion of the number and skillsets of board members and committees to leverage the plans, and creating new relationships with community partners and businesses to assist with success in these expansion plans. Our Executive Director, Isadora McKeon, will be creating a survey to collect ideas from stakeholders.

The Center’s metrics are strong to support some of the proposed changes, and a fundraising campaign will be created to pay for expanded space. Key an eye on this blog for details of changes as they evolve.

Board Meeting Highlights – September 2017

Austin Creative Reuse is gearing up for numerous events over the next few months. Please check the website for details.


ACR is putting some new actions into play, all in the name of  improving center operations and better serving our customers. We are exploring funding for additional staff time and asking center leads to share center updates with the board monthly. Donations and sales have remained very strong over the last few weeks, and staff will begin exploring weekly flash sales to move some merchandise.


Our Executive Director has made new contacts, is working on some business donations, and spearheaded a successful application for an Art Space Assistance Program grant from the City of Austin to assist as we begin looking for a new location when our current lease expires July 2018. Members of the property review committee began a market search process to understand the current real estate market and to help identify key features that are available in the current market at what price points.


ACR Board Meeting Highlights 2017 August

Austin Creative Reuse’s board met on August 7. Here are some highlights from our meeting:

  • We will be sending one representative to the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling Summit conference in October.
  • Sales in July were strong, and August is on track to also show strong sales. July sales’ strength was due in large part to significant donations from Austin Community College and Silk Road.
  • We approved a budget for the current fiscal year and an application for the City of Austin Economic Development Department’s Art Space Assistance Program to assist with huge increases we will be facing when our current lease terminates in 2018.
  • Join us at the Thinkery21 event where participants will make a craft project with Austin Creative Reuse. Thinkery21 are events where grown ups can enjoy an evening at Thinkery on their own. While tickets to the event have sold out, ACR is looking for a few additional volunteers to assist at our booth at the event:

ACR Board Meeting Highlights July 2017

At the most recent meeting on 7/17, the Board discussed the Tax Free Shopping Day that Austin Creative Reuse will host at the Center on August 5 (the statewide tax free days are August 11-13), and other upcoming events, including return of the Art of Reuse Workshops on September 20 and hosting an activity at the Thinkery 21: Come and Make It on August 24.


Isadora McKeon has stepped into her new role as ACR’s Executive Director. One of her first official acts with ACR was to appear on the segment  ‘We Are Austin’ on Wednesday, July 19 at 8:20 am on the local Austin CBS affiliate. In the brief segment, Isadora explains how to make a journal out of reused materials.


Isadora identified a few ways to tweak the metrics for the Center to improve our operations. The board conducted a post mortem of our recent Fabric Sale and have identified ways to make the next one better and more convenient for our customers. Isadora met with personnel of Austin Resource Recovery, and ARR has agreed to do event cross-marketing.

ACR welcomes our new board member, Jenn Evans

ACR is excited to announce the appointment of our new board member, Jennifer Evans. Jennifer spent much of her childhood travelling up and down the east coast from Canada to Florida in the back of her parents’ baby blue 1970s Econoline camper van.  While it might have been frowned upon by today’s standards (there were no seats in the back of that van, let alone seat belts!), her fond memories of days on the beach, hikes in the woods and nights spent around the campfire started her down a path toward environmental stewardship that she now hopes to instill in her own children and share with her community.

A graduate of Duke University’s Environmental Science & Policy Program and the University of Chicago Law School, Jennifer is currently taking a break from her environmental law practice to raise her three young children.  She organizes Nature Playdate, a nature group for Austin families with small children, and is active in several other local environmental and community groups.  Energized by the creativity of the ACR community, she is delighted for this opportunity to join the Board of Directors and to lead the Sustainability Committee.

Board Meeting Summary, April 10, 2017


ACR is busy over the next month, and we could use more volunteers! Come check out our spin art booth at the Violet Crown Festival on May 6. Stop by the Center on 5/13, where we’ll have activities as part of the West Austin Studio Tour. Our Art of Reuse Workshops continue. Mosaic artist Catherine Sonnenberg led a mosaic art session in April; Mary Kraemer will be leading a class in succulent shrines in May. Check the website for registration details.


The Board members approved the employment of Isadora McKeon as Executive Director and Amelia Despre as Operations and Event Coordinator to further the organizations mission. In addition, the board approved the appointment of Jenn Evans to board. Jenn will head up the Sustainability Committee.

Board Planning Session March 2017 Highlights

The board met for an extended planning session to close out FY 2016 and open up FY 2017. Many exciting new changes are planned for the new year, including: an executive director to focus our energies, possible additional center open hours, more community events, activities and workshops. We approved a budget, strategized for fundraising and expanding business ties, and interviewed exceptional candidates for executive director. Stay tuned for more reuse and community interaction.

Board Meeting February 13, 2017 Highlights

The Austin Creative Reuse board met for their regular meeting on February 13. The members discussed several upcoming events, including the Thinkery 21 Event and the ACR Art of Reuse workshops, which have been extremely popular and fill quickly. In addition, they began gearing up for the upcoming Amplify Austin, which will occur on March 2. More details to follow.

The board elected new president, Carole LeClair, who begins her term effective April 1. She will be replacing outgoing president and founding member, Rebecca Stuch, who will be starting a new phase as a Peace Corps volunteer directing community development projects in Peru. We will miss Rebecca and look forward to Carole’s leadership.

Board of Directors’ Meeting – November 2016

November 14, 2016 at 6 pm
Directors Present: Cindy, Leslie, Rebecca, Katie, Carole, Karen

Changes at ACR.

Extended hours are now offered on Fridays and Saturdays. The directors approved a change to policy regarding budgets amendments. Budget amendment votes will be triggered when a line item or category exceeds the greater of 10% or $750 more than had been budgeted.

Upcoming Activities and Events.

ACR will be hosting its first workshop partly funded with the City of Austin grant on 11/17. The second workshop will follow on 12/15. ACR will be offering free gift wrap at the Cherrywood Art Festival. We would like to attract a volunteer to take on proactively determining and planning for our presence at events such as the Blue Genie and Violet Crowns festivals. Carole will be participating in the Final Pitch at Austin Resource Recovery’s [Re]Verse Pitch Competition in December.

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