Austin Earth Day CD Scrabble

We had a booth at Austin Earth Day today and played a pretty great game of CD Scrabble! Each tile was created out of a used CD case.

Austin Earth Day CD ScrabbleAustin Earth Day Booth Austin Earth Day CD Scrabble
Rebecca has been talking about CD Scrabble for months now, so we’re excited to finally put the game into play! This would be a great birthday party idea, don’t you think?

Donate Paint

PaintDo you have extra paint hanging around? We have a few events coming up and we could really use PRIMARY colored paint. No oils please!

If you have paint to donate, please email us at info(at)austincreativereuse(dot)com.

Thank you for your support of Austin Creative Reuse!

April 2013 Board Meeting

April 9, 2013 at 7pm
Directors Present: Angela, Harley, Rebecca, Kaci, Katy, Cindy

Upcoming Events

We have lots of upcoming events in April and May! Check out our events calendar for the full details.

4/17 – Green Jobs for All Panel (Rebecca will be on the panel)
4/18 – St. Edwards University Week
4/18 – Volunteer Meetup
4/20 – City of Austin Earth Day
5/4 – Violet Crown Spring Festival
5/5 – Austin Mini Maker Faire

Stellar Volunteers!

As you know, we couldn’t possibly do all that we do without volunteers. We are so grateful for the people in our community who donate their time, energy, ideas, and hands to make our organization better.

In particular, we’d like to call out Nora, Carole, and Jan for their incredible work in the past few months. They’ve become a group of core volunteers that we truly value. THANK YOU NORA, CAROLE, AND JAN!

March 2013 Board Meeting

March 23, 2013 at 10am
Directors Present: Angela, Harley, Rebecca, Kaci, Katy, Cindy

Upcoming Events

We have lots of upcoming events in April and May! Check out our events calendar for the full details.

4/17 – Green Jobs for All Panel (Rebecca will be on the panel)
4/18 – St. Edwards University Week
4/18 – Volunteer Meetup
4/20 – City of Austin Earth Day
5/4 – Violet Crown Spring Festival
5/5 – Austin Mini Maker Faire

Appreciations to our Volunteers

We cannot begin to give enough thanks to our volunteers for being the true muscle (and we’re not kidding) for our first Educators Material Drive in February. We had so much support in researching, collecting, moving, weighing, giving customer support, moving again… and we really, truly could not have done it without their support. THANK YOU!


Appreciations for Amplify Austin

Wow! Just wow! Austinites (and I guess folks across the US) really turned out to support Austin Creative Reuse during Amplify Austin, a community-wide day of online philanthropy with the goal of raising $1 million in 24 hours for 330 nonprofits. We received 61 donations totaling $2800. Again, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Half Pint Library Now Accepting Books

From now until March 31st, Half Price Books is holding a new and used children’s book drive. For every book you donate, they’ll donate one too!

You can donate your books at any Half Price Books today.


Recap of Austin Creative Reuse Educator’s Drive

Earlier this year, On February 24, 2013, Austin Creative Reuse held it’s first Educator Materials Drive, which proved to be enormously successful! Educators from all around Austin, including school teachers (public, private, charter), after school teachers, daycare providers, scout troop leaders and more gathered to take part, share, learn and receive reused materials.

We collected over 7,400lbs of materials from the community and area businesses and invited educators to receive the materials to use for projects in their classrooms and programs.

In one day, we supported over 3,200 kids in Austin with free materials.

Examples of materials distributed:


Not only were these teachers reusing materials for a greener environment, but also they were inadvertently teaching their students the importance of resourcefulness or a “Reuse Behavior” that will stick with them for years to come, How wonderful!

Below are some videos of the Educator Drive Event, available in English & en Espanol. Take a peek!

Reuse in the Classroom

Pflugerville Teacher’s Reuse

Austin Creative Reuse (En Espanol)



Artist Spotlight: Adaptive Reuse

adaptive-tins-for-blogThere are artists that work from scrap materials, and there are others, like Christine Terrell, who is completely living the reuse lifestyle.  It’s an incredibly satisfying, resource-saving and budget-smart way to live.  Christine’s company, Adaptive Reuse, creates art, jewelry and other objects using unique, but mass-produced materials in an unexpected way.


Once a bona fide scrapper homes in on a potential material, they are really insatiable in it’s acquisition.  Her materials of choice are food tins, spice and tea tins, both vintage and contemporary.  These printed tins are collected, flattened and sorted.  I love the way they become a library of colors, patterns and short vignettes from which to choose.  The jewelry she creates is also beautifully made, as she is a self-proclaimed technique junkie.


All of the pieces are really intriguing, but one of my favorites is this partly sunny pair of earrings. They play nicely on our mind/mood swings and the fickle nature that is apparent in how human beings see things.

zen-for-blogChristine Terrell’s extreme artistic resourcefulness finds its way into her encaustic paintings as well.  The remnants of her jewelry work create a multitude of stencils, which then provide the basis for the paintings.  Or, repetitive process meets repetitive process, like two mirrors facing each other and recycling into perpetuity.


The beer tab hanger on the back is absolutely brilliant and rounds out the whole conversation.  I definitely look forward to see what Christine does next in the realm of adaptive reuse.




February 2013 Board Meeting

February 12, 2013 at 7pm
Directors Present: Angela, Harley, Rebecca, Kaci, Katy, Cindy

Educators Material Drive

Our materials drive is in full swing! Harley and Kaci will be collecting items from individuals and businesses on Friday. There are four days to drop off materials at Harley’s house. Volunteers will be around on Sunday to help weigh and organize materials. Next week will be a big push to get teachers to come out.

The drive is still scheduled for February 24th.

Amplify Austin is just around the corner

We’ll be fundraising for Amplify Austin on March 4 from 7pm to March 5th at 7pm. Our goal is to have 500 individuals donate to Austin Creative Reuse in any amount. We will also hold an event of some sort to generate excitement. Rebecca to contact Mozart’s folks as a possible location.

Please save the date to donate on our Amplify Austin page.


It’s Environmentally Inspired: Reuse in Art

I went to the It’s Environmentally Inspired gallery opening and saw some really beautiful work made from reuse materials. To me the best pieces are the ones where the material used doesn’t get in the way. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Black's Acre by Kristy Darnell Battani

Black’s Acre (18″ x 24″) by Kristy Darnell Battani uses painted paper that’s been folded to create these beautiful textural pieces. I love all of Battani’s work. She had so many great pieces!

Black and white castaways by Shanny Lott

Black and White Castaways (20″ x 30″) by Shanny Lott is made of soda can boxes and paper. Whimsy and texture. So beautiful!

Say What by Matthew John Winters

Say Whaat (12″ x 12″) by Matthew John Winters is made from sanded plexi, vinyl, and fluorescent light.  This one is such a fun piece. I immediately smiled when I saw it.

Educators Material Drive: Egg Cartons

egg_CartonsWhile Austin is a pretty hospitable city for a flock of chickens in your backyard, we know not everyone can make the plunge. What does that mean? Egg cartons that end up in the trash or compost! Give those little cardboard containers a second life at our Educators Material Drive!

It’s not too late to start clearing them out of your closets for our Educators Material Drive on February 24th! We’re specifically looking for USED items, if possible, and egg cartons are on the list!

We have drop off times February 14-17 from 8am-8pm at 4416 Lareina Dr, Austin, TX.

2005 Wheless Lane, Austin, TX 78723
Tel: (512) 375-3041