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If We Build it, They will Come!

We’ve had a very productive and enjoyable few weeks as we build out the center.  We added some great display fixtures from a local design warehouse closeout and have started working with  an interior designer and a decor specialist to create a long term plan for the design of the space.

We’ve started the next levels of sorting of the materials going from basic category piles to grouping items into bins. We have set up our recycling area and have started weighing outgoing materials.  A local artist is installing our baseboards created from donated tiles and a decor specialist created some new display fixtures for us.

We are so grateful for the volunteers that are helping make this possible.

To continue to build out the space and to run the center, we have some items that we need. We’ve been scanning Craig’s list and other options but would appreciate any assistance you can give to help us get these items.  Please check out our wishlist to see if you have an item that matches.


I’m Focusing on Reusing This Week

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Yep, Tony Carillo of F-minus totally gets us.

When faced with parting with any physical object from our lives, ask yourself some simple questions.
Can I fix it and give it new life?
Can I donate it to keep it out of the landfill?
Can I reuse it in some new creative way?

Even the things we throw in our recycling bin will require energy and resources to bring it back to life.

Our Creative Reuse Center will help you make some of these choices. Our mission is to promote conservation and creativity in our community through reuse. We hope to offer folks a way to extend the life of the stuff they have and means to pursue your creative dreams by providing lots of donated art, craft, life materials.

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Setup has started!

Thank you to all the volunteers that have showed up to help us start the setup of the center. We assembled shelves, built containers and moved in materials.

We’ll continue to have volunteer events on Saturdays and other week nights. Please check out our events calendar and join us!

We signed a lease!


We couldn’t have done it without you!  Austin Creative Reuse is proud to announce the signing of a lease for our first brick and mortar creative reuse center!

Thanks so much for your support, and we hope to see you soon at our reuse center in The Linc shopping center (formerly Lincoln Village) at  6406 N IH35 ,#1801, Austin, TX 78752map_store

Our vision for the center involves:

  •  Workshops where people can learn how to give new life to commonly discarded items.
  • Store space where the community can shop for supplies to create their reuse masterpieces and get inspired by interesting materials.
  • A gallery space that features exhibits showcasing works made with reclaimed materials.

We’ll be doing some light renovation like painting, shelf-building and other small projects to spruce up our new space.  Watch for volunteer opportunities in our upcoming newsletters!


When will you open up?

We do not have a date set yet for opening the store. We will have a “soft opening” soon and a Grand Opening later this fall.  This will give us some time to get the store organized and to train volunteers. We’ll continue to provide updates with our progress and will post a date of opening as soon as the center is ready.

What types of materials can I donate?

We accept a variety of materials. Please review our materials donation list for details.

I have materials to donate, when can I bring them to the center?

We will be posting the days and hours that the center will be open for donations soon. Meanwhile, please contact us if you have donations that need to find a home quickly.

How can I volunteer?

We will need volunteers more than ever now that we have a center to take in more materials. We are planning volunteer events to assist with the setup of the store and to sort materials.  We’ll post these on our events calendar.  A great way to be notified of the events and our volunteer opportunities is to sign up for our volunteer newsletter.

How did you select the location?

Our criteria for our new space was first based on cost and size; we worked with our real estate brokers to locate sites all across Austin that fit those parameters. We then used an evaluation tool that included criteria like the amount of parking, safety, and access to public transportation to select sites to visit. We looked at several properties and the Linc proved to be the best location for the first center.  It was so helpful to have Kristi Svec Simmons and Max McDonald of Aquila Commercial to work with as they guided us through the lease process to ensure that we knew our responsibilities and to find a mutually beneficial agreement with the owners of The Linc.

The Linc has several great occupants now including the Marchesa and Vivo , is the home of the yearly Blue Genie Art Bazaar and coming soon La Chaparrita and Easy Tiger.

We were also excited to be near the innovative campus of  Austin Community College- Highland Campus; an amazing adaptive reuse example.

Thank you!

The Austin Creative Reuse Team!


The search for our first home


Thanks to you and your generous support, we’re actively searching for our first permanent retail and community center space!

We have been visiting available locations and evaluating the options that we think would make a good home for Austin Creative Reuse.

As part of this process we are figuring out all the logistical details of opening the center and making sure that we stay true to our values.  For example, many of the spaces that we have viewed have flooring that has to be replaced or fixed, so we are having discussions about what to do with the floor and who could help us with this.

We are also planning on how to find or build the shelving and containers that we will need and how we will collect materials while we build out the space.  We’ll be needing your help soon to make all this happen.

Thank you again for you continued support and enthusiasm!


Where Austin Creative Reuse is Headed in 2014

Austin Creative Reuse is growing. Hear more about creative reuse in Austin and the future of Austin Creative Reuse.

DarkRye features Austin Creative Reuse



We were excited to be featured on DarkRye. Kate Inglis gives her thoughts about Austin Creative Reuse. Check it out!

Introducing Our New Spring Intern!


We’re really excited to have Toni Red join us as our Spring intern! Welcome, welcome!

Toni Red is an Environmental Science major at the University of Texas at Austin. With a focus in biology, she is interested in plant biodiversity and animals. She is unsure on what she wants to do after graduating but plans on joining the Peace Corps.

Meet our interns!

Alice ArmstrongAlice Armstrong
is currently finishing degrees in Urban Studies and Plan II Honors at the University of Texas at Austin. Her academic interests range from environmental planning and design to cooperative housing development and science fiction literature. She has a background in studio art and plans to pursue masters degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning.

Jonathan DavisJonathan Davis is a fresh UT graduate with a degree in Rhetoric & Writing and enjoys writing, songwriting, practicing and listening to music, film, philosophy, literature, analog electronics, backcamping/camping/hiking and playing sports.

rachelRachel is a Studio Arts major at the University of Texas at Austin. As an artist her main interests lies in painting and two dimensional work, though she is trying to branch out to more three dimensional sculpture and installation as well. Someday she hopes to own her own store that specializes in restoration and design- think of a small scale, curated, actually vintage, version of Anthropologie. Until then she is focusing on her studies and trying to learn and experience as much as she can in her time at school and in Austin.


Bringing a Creative Reuse Center in Austin


I have always wanted to make things.  I love learning and making things.  I love watching a project change and morph as it progresses.  I love having things around me that have been made by people I know, and knowing the object’s history.  In my work life, I manage an afterschool program for a nonprofit here in Austin.

I feel pretty selfish when I think about why I want a reuse center in Austin.  I want Austin Creative Reuse to be rocking so I can go there.  I want one so I can go find amazing fabrics for the quilt I’m making for my niece.  I want to take the elementary students I work with and watch them get excited and laugh making a creation they will take home and play with.  I want students to have opportunities for hands on learning, tinkering. I want them to learn without worksheets anywhere close and to feel excited about discovering a new idea.  I want to come use a router when I need one once every few years and not need to buy one or forgo a project I want to make.  I want to know and meet my neighbors, my ‘neighborhoods’ in the big sense.  I want us to find ways to take care of central Texas.  When I’m working on a project, I want a place to go where I will happen to start a conversation with a stranger who will have an amazing idea to help my project on it’s way. Reuse Centers need to exist in the world I want to live in.

The people I have gotten to closely work with on Austin Creative Reuse and ones I have met briefly during this time have been a wonderful side effect.  Austin has such a huge pool of industrious creative folks.   I look forward to others joining us and working to help this happen.

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