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Make: Sesa Pure Tea Box Sorters

This simple tutorial shows you how to transform a Sesa Pure tea box into a personalized compartment to help you sort and organize all of your tiny treasures! These beautiful, wooden tea boxes are extremely versatile – what other creative uses can you think of? 

Make a Catnip Bat

It’s less than 60 days til Halloween! Let the spooky crafts begin!! For this catnip bat toy, you can play with all kinds of fabric scraps, but it is best to use something durable for the body. Or, maybe you like catnip exploded all over your house! Have fun making all kinds of bats, and hand them out like candy to all of your cat friends. If you need any of the supplies, swing by ACR! We always have plenty of felt, thread, and Halloween inspiration! 

Make a Wrist Pincushion

How many different things can you make with a fabric sample book? So many! Last week, we made a homemade banner. This week, let’s make a wrist pincushion! You could make a ton of these with just one book, and your hand stitching skills don’t need to be at all fancy. Fabric sample books are 50 cents each at ACR, and we even stock them in our online store

Make a Fabric Sample Banner

Handmade banners are one of the many fun things you can make with fabric sample books. The great thing about them is that the fabrics already represent a collection, so coordinating a color scheme/textile theme is easy! Follow these steps to make a unique fabric banner, which can be reused, repurposed, and rearranged! Fabric sample books are a staple at ACR, we always have a wide variety in store!

Make Champagne Cork Mushrooms

Pop! Magic is always in the air at ACR! In this easy tutorial, see how to transform the everyday champagne cork into a tiny garden treasure! These mushrooms can also be added to party settings, or festive gift bags, or in doll houses (think of them as little tables). Have fun with it!  Bags of champagne corks are a staple at the center – grab one today!



Another Way to Use Stencils

Before you decide stencils aren’t your thing, consider another way they could be used. With stencils as a guide, you can make so many unique decorations for: cards/invitations, garlands, stickers, labels, name cards, gift tags, journals, collages… Stencils at ACR start at just 10 cents and we have drawers and bins overflowing with them!


Christmas in July! Make a Reused Window Ornament

How to Make Your Own Alcohol Inks

Make a Mini Zine

How to make a mini zine using a single piece of paper!

Make a Rainbow Catcher

This simple, repurposed frame is now a superstar rainbow catcher! See how to make it in just a few steps:

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