Join a Committee

Looking to get a little more involved than a regular volunteer? Joining a committee may be a great place for you!

Fundraising Committee

We’ve recently opened a Center and are growing fast! We could use some folks on our fundraising committee to help support our growth and increase the services we are able to offer to the community.  Skills and experience that we could use include:

  • Marketing
  • General fundraising (general support, advisory role, etc.)
  • Raffle Coordinator
  • Content Creation (Graphic Design, copy writing, photography, videos)
  • Arrangements (food, beverage, event space coordination)
  • Event station coordinators
  • Fundraising campaign advocates

If you’d like to join the fundraising committee, please email

Educator Committee

The educator committee works to plan and deliver services for Austin’s community of teachers, home-schoolers, after-school program providers, and educators of all sorts. We also work hard to share information and build community with local schools, programs, and individuals.

We welcome volunteers interested in making at least a one-year commitment to helping us plan, evaluate, and deliver services and programs to educators.

Committee members should:

  • Be or have been educators, or have strong ties to the education community.
  • Be available to meet with the committee once a month.
  • Be self-starters, capable of spearheading efforts and finishing tasks.
  • Believe in the importance of hands-on education and tinkering with reuse materials.

Email for more information.

Business Donations Committee

Email for more information.

Sustainability Committee

This committee supports ACR’s primary conservation mission by implementing its Sustainability Policy, connecting with other environmental and conservation organizations and by considering sustainability and the environment in all aspects of our business

Email for more information.

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