Join our Board

We’re looking for great people to join the Austin Creative Reuse Board of Directors

Our board is a reflection of the Austin community’s diversity. We are committed to the organization and support each other through the natural cycles of growth. The core values guide our decisions. Most of all, we have fun!

We are looking for individuals that are a combination of the following interests and traits:

  • Looks at something before putting it in the trash to decide if it really needs to go to the landfill
  • Likes to organize and coordinate events.
  • Likes to organize and coordinate volunteers.
  • Is an active working artist that uses reuse materials
  • Likes to network and find connections between people and organizations.
  • Likes to work with numbers and is financially savvy.
  • Loves to and thrives on fundraising.
  • Is connected to financial resources that benefit ACR.
  • Is handy with tools and can build just about anything with a vague description and a set of materials.
  • Is knowledgeable and connected into the waste/recycling/reuse industries
  • Understands operational logistics for large retail and/or wholesale space
  • Is knowledgeable and connected into the environmental scene in Austin

Do any of these profiles sound like you? If so, come join us at Austin Creative Reuse by filling out our online application to join our board of directors.

We need a marketer. You love working with creative folks, get Communications Arts magazine, and always look forward to seeing who wins the Austin Addy’s. You’ve created a ‘brand standards’ guide and can facilitate or create creative communications.

We need a Digital Mastermind. You love working with technology, stay up with the latest usability and data analysis trends, and join hackathons in your spare time. You’ll help us manage updates to our website, support an implementation of a CRM system and assist with other technology and system needs.

We need a Volunteer Engagement Specialist. You love working with people and love to make them feel special.  Our volunteers are the heart of Austin Creative Reuse and your focus will be to make sure they know all their hard work is appreciated.

We need a Community/Reuse Liaison. You love working with like minded organizations to accomplish larger, long term goals.  Austin Creative Reuse regularly engages with local municipalities as well as other non-profits to further our mission of conservation and reuse.  You like to make connections between these groups to make big stuff happen.

We could use someone who believes nothing happens by accident. You love to make connections between people, places, and associations, have killer organization skills, and respond promptly (within a week) to most all communications.  You’ll keep building awareness of Austin Creative Reuse.


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Hours: Wed/Th 10am-8pm, Fri/Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 12pm-5pm
Tel: (512) 375-3041