Spin Art Instructions

Spin Art Instructions


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How to use the machine

  1. Place 3 pieces of putty near the center on the spinning surface
  2. check this every ½ hour or so. it paint gets on the putty it will lose its stickiness.
  3. when you replace the putty, it helps to “dry” the spot where you plan to place the putty.
  4. Place an additional piece of putty in the center to cover the hole in the middle of the media. It is
    important to keep the center of the spin art machine dry. Encourage artists to not add paint to the
    center of the CD or LP. The putty will last longer and be stronger.
  5. Have “artist” put his/her name on one side of the cd/record; the other side will be painted,.
  6. Place CD/LP on the putty and press lightly to help stick to the putty.
  7. use the pedal to start machine. Children can help with this also but do not let them operate alone.
    VERY IMPORTANT: Children (and adults) will attempt to spin as fast as they can. Under
    these conditions, the CD/LP can fly out of the tub and break. It can easily injure someone
  8. Pedal at a moderate rate. You do not have to continuously crank to get the machine to spin.
  9. With a moderate spin rate, paint will spread pretty quickly over the media so a little paint goes a long
  10. Both Streams of paint and splotches create beautiful patterns. Older paint can sputter out of the
    squeeze bottle but this will still make a great spin art.
  11. set limit to use of 4 colors. Have artists choose their colors while waiting their turn.
  12. Stop the machine by slowing the cable turing the spin art plate.
  13. Once it stops, pick up the CD/LP up by the edge and remove the putty in the center
  14. depending on how much paint, the dryness in the air and if it is put in the sun or not; it can take 15
    min to 30 min to dry. Do not put records in the sun as the record will melt (potatoe chip)
  15. Clean up wipe down the outside of the machine. Okay to let the paint on the inside of tub dry as is.


Painting tips

  • everyone has their own style, honor that
  • Encourage artists to hold the squirt bottle fairly close to the CD/LP so the paint goes on the media and not the machine.
  • Do not let them pour paint in the center of the the media.
  • You can help artists by guiding their hand over the CD/LP.
  • Some children can walk right up to their creation, others forget. Thus the name on the back.

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