Spin Art Rental

Spin Art Rental


What You Get

Spin Art Machine Rental Includes the following

  • 120 CD/LP’s in any combination
  • 8 – 16oz acrylic paints in squeeze bottles
  • putty for machine


Rental Details

Cost: $200 for a 48 hour rental – must leave a CC for deposit
Duration of rental: 48 hours
Option #1 – Free if picked up and returned from our storage unit located at 183 and Lamar.
Option #2 – Pick up and Drop Off to your location an be arranged at the cost of $25 each way.


Additional Materials needed for Spin Art Machine

(Renter will need to provide)

  1. Aprons for helpers as well as artists
  2. Wash tubs
  3. Wash/paint rags
  4. Tables and chairs (chair is handy for helper running the spin art machine)
  5. Drop cloth/cardboard for drying spin art on
  6. Soapy water to wash with
  7. LOTS of Rags


Additional Information

  • We do not recommend leaving the spin art machine for attendees to operate on their own. We recommend
    dedicated helpers/volunteers/staff who have been given instruction on how to safely operate the spin art
  • Not responsible for clothing damage – paint may stain clothing
  • If machine breaks- please inform us; no charge for damage caused by normal usage ;ie chain break.


Spin art machine FAQ

Machine Output

  • Throughput on the machine is about 30 people an hour CDs/Records.
  • Have enough CD/LP’s to cover 30 per hour you will have the machine in use.


  • Estimate 1 oz of paint per LP and ½ oz for CD’s.
  • For a 4 hour event 120 oz total or 15 oz each of 8 colors).
  • Any type of paint will work except oil based. (house paint, craft paint). Sargent Art Acrylics is a
    good paint to get from Jerry’s Artarama.
  • Paint can dry up in the squirt bottles, use safety pin to unclog.


  • Adhesive Putty is sold at hardware stores, office supply and drug stores, usually white or blue.


Event Set Up and takedown


  • see diagram
  • 1 table to use as prep area for paint and to hold records
  • 2 tables or the ground covered with tablecloths (vinyl banners)

Take down

  • CDs/Records take about 20-30min to dry.
  • It is advised to end the use of the spinart machine about an hour before the event ends so that all
    painted items are dry and ready for pick up. You don’t want to have to wait for another hour for people to
    pick up the artwork.

Spin Art

Spin Art instructions

Watch a Demo
To check availablity and reserve the spin art machine
email – info@austincreativereuse.org

2005 Wheless Lane, Austin, TX 78723
Tel: (512) 375-3041